Monday, October 11, 2010


I started writing this post last Tuesday, but after I wrote a few paragraphs the post started to feel a bit FORCED, so I stepped away from the computer to let my loss and some other happenings marinate...without further adieu my "big loss post..."

I kid you not...5lbs lost last week. I try not to focus on numbers, but 5 lbs bares some mentioning! I tweeted my news and a fellow Tweep asked me what did I do differently last week. Well, for starters...
  • After a strenuous workout, I drink an EAS protein drink or Muscle Milk to build muscle. In addition, drinking a protein beverage after working out helps your body recover.
  •  A couple of weeks ago I decided to double up on my physical activity. I complete both a ZUMBA and kickboxing class on Wednesday nights...two hours of hardcore sweating to the MAX! Last week I burned around 1005 calories...SHAZAAM!

  • I restricted the number of times I ate "bad" sugary cereal. Why do I own bad sugary cereal? Look folks, some things (like cereal) I know I must give up, but I refuse to. I am a work in progress. 

  • Beans, beans, beans. I find when I eat beans I tend to lose. Unwanted side effects: GAS! My advice... I recommend you not standing downwind when the cannon fires!

  • I stopped letting my new job stress me out. No more staying late...I still bring a little work home. I realized the importance of taking the time to take  care of ME!
So as promised in my last post my GLOWS & GROWS!

  • I need to track more consistently. Rather,  I need to start tracking...PERIOD!  Every week I watch other WW participants accept awards for losing. And every time the leader asks, "What's working for you?" And every time the "loser" responds, "Tracking."  My iTouch makes tracking easy, but I never pick it up to track.  When I rock WW the program I track my food ahead of time at night. Sometimes, I jot the food I eat down and track at the end of the day. Since losing a little balance (thanks to my new job, which I love), my tracking fell by the wayside. 

  • I MUST find time to plan meals and grocery shopping excursions. The key to weight loss, no the key to anything you want to accomplish...PLANNING!
  • Again, I try not to get caught up in numbers, BUT...I purchased a pair of size 12 pants this weekend. Sizes vary from store to store, so I remind myself not to "judge a book by it's cover" so to speak. I really wanted these pants for work, so I told myself, "Aww what the heck...I'm gonna try this size 12."  What's the worst that could happen? Worst case scenario I pull the pants over my hips, they get stuck, and then I'd call for back up from the dressing room biggie.  

  • I used some new strategies to curb my late night snacking:
I purchased Life Savers and popped one in my mouth when I felt like snacking.
I stayed busy by helping my mom wrap 75 candy bars for various functions:

The funny thing, I never wanted to eat one of these yummy chocolate bars.
My brain entered work eating allowed!
Since starting the post last Tuesday, I weighed in again and the scale tried to ruin my weekend with a +.6 gain. Not even a whole pound. Basically I gained a tube of toothpaste (whoop-de-doo).  This just means I must work harder this week.

 I am already off to a bad start. Last Friday I went to the salon to get beautified for my grandmother's 95th birthday party this past weekend; so, now my hair looks FAB to get sweaty. If my mom read this post she would say, "Either you're gonna be fat and cute with fabulous hair, or you're going to be fit and sexy with not so fabulous hair"  And in my defeated voice I would reply, "Okay...I choose fit and sexy."  So tomorrow...ZUMBA!


  1. ok Im not one to let busy hands stop me from mouth-popping but SEVENTY FIVE CANDYBARS?
    I think that would have kept even these wanna-snack-at-night hands all kinds of movingbusy.



  2. Looks like you've got it together and kicking butt, LOL!! 5lbs is great!! and I know it's not all about the numbers but it sure does feel good to see the scale say 5lbs less, LOL!! Great job for planning and dealing with those late night cravings! Have fun in Zumba class!!

  3. I'm sooooo proud of you girl. You are doing an amazing lifestyle change and sharing it with all of us. You are an inspiration!!


  4. DDAAAMMNNN GIRL! You are rocking it! WHOOHOOOO! I am so flippin proud of you!!! :) XOXOX

  5. Wow well done! Love your blog. Great blog name! So inspiring. Great pictures. I am now following. Please feel free to pop by my blog some time. Id love a new follower.

  6. Congrats girl a 5 lb loss is beyond awesome!! I want to try that muscle milk I have heard many good things about it. have a great week!

  7. Ummmmm . . . . YES 5 LBS DESERVES A MENTION! Congrats and you completely earned it. I desperately need to start tracking as well. Tracking in my head doesn't cut it. Today is Day One.


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