Friday, May 18, 2012


Me So Hongry's BACK and ready to ATTACK! Wait until I tell what guilty pleasure occupied my time and prevented me from posting lately. Here's a hint. I decided to title the post..."Batteries Not Included." Let your imagination run with that.

Soooooo yesterday, I made the decision to return to Weight Watchers. I mean after all my tag line states...
"The Misadventures of a Weight Watchers Repeat Offender..."
Why the sudden return? Plain and simple, Weight Watchers works. Click the link and see for yourself.

You wondering why I quit in the first place? CrossFit. Back in November I started CrossFit and I killed myself working out like a BEAST. 
That's the hands of a CrossFit BEAST!

With the aid of CrossFit I realized my BEAST MODE potential; I executed tractor tire lifts, back squatted 100#, deadlifted 150#.  In addition to my Olympic CrossFit sessions, I ate cleaner by loosely following a Paleo diet.
The gym where I BEASTed at...

Despite my valiant efforts at CrossFit and making positive food choices, results eluded me. The straw that broke the camels back...I weighed in on 12/17/11 and gained 6 lbs. YES, 6  #$@&* POUNDS!! This weigh in frustrated me to no end and I told myself..."Eff It...Eff WW!"

I know for a fact part of the gain resulted from my increase in muscle mass.  I need to post a pic of  my somewhat less jiggly firm arms. I am amazed at the transformation. I actually see the beginning of some muscle definition, or a "cut" as my kids call it.

I look forward to adding more definition. My goal...Michelle Obama arms. I advise everyone to stay tuned for my gun show tickets to go on sale!
Getting back to the subject at hand...

 As of late, my weight loss efforts continue to spiral out of control. And ironically yesterday, 5/17/12, 5 months after my last weigh-in (12/17/11); I decided to rein in the madness and gain some semblance of control. So, I weighed in and guess what? In five months I only managed to gain 4.2 lbs.

Am I proud? No. But given my behavior these past several months, I thought I gained more than 4 lbs...more like 15. So now what? Who knows? When I figure out the "now what" I plan to blog about it. Sorry to leave you hanging, but I am at a loss right now.

Hopefully soon this weight loss fog lifts, and I can view my weight loss adventure with a fresh pair of eyes. Don't worry. I AM like the Phoenix...Oh I guarantee you, I WILL rise from the ashes. Until then, I aim to keep practicing my motto...Persistence, not perfection.


  1. Haaaaa! you crack me up. That pic was so funky. I couldn't tell what it was for a while. Was wondering if I dared stare and figure it out. Hope you are recuperating and seeing progress, ok? ~ Renae

  2. I will be first in line for gun show tixs. You are too funny.

  3. Way to go! You definitely sound determined. We got this! I had a similar gym experience...felt so strong and gained weight. I am looking in to how to feel strong and LOSE weight. ;-)

  4. You got this girl! You are a beast for even attempting cross fit - it scares me O_o

    Can't wait for things to come


  5. I like you motto...Persistence/Not Perfection...

  6. Get it, girl! I have no doubt you will rise!

  7. We will do this together! I think I want to go back to weight watchers too but I am so hesitant because of a) the money b) I know how hardcore disciplined it is c) the money d) the pesos. But I did so well on it that I can't even front. I lost my first 5 percent in like 3 weeks or something crazy like that. UGH. Then jennifer hudson comes on tv and taunts me... smh...That guns show photo is freaking hysterical!

  8. 1. ouchie for your hands!
    2. i love your motto, you're freaking wonderful... once i get this baby on the ground and am cleared to do exercise it's on. i'm ready to get me back!

  9. If you're handing them out, I'll take some Michelle Obama arms too.

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