Thursday, May 10, 2012


The other day I went through the list of blogs I follow, and I discovered that a majority of the bloggers on my blog reading list  dropped off the face of the earth. As a favor to me, please  leave the name of  your favorite blogs and I WILL FOLLOW!

U2's, I Will Follow...CLASSIC! That tune brings me back to days of fluorescent socks, tight rolled jeans, and mammoth hair and super sized bangs!

When I hear that song it reminds me of the movie, The Last American Virgin (TLAV)! 

Yes, I just dated myself. Who remembers that nostalgic 80s film? I believe I Will Follow plays when one of the characters desperately struggles to raise money for his unrequited love's abortion. The 80s, gotta love it!

TLAV captures the essence of the 80's, and the soundtrack...TOTALLY TUBULAR!<---lol, some 80's slang!

Well, gotta motor<---more 80's slang! Before you motor, what's your favorite 80's movie and/or song? Leave me the name of your favorite blogs. Please and Thank You! Laters!


  1. I will be interested to see what blogs are mentioned. I went through something very similar. It made me sad, but also made me realize that I had not been seriously blogging. So I have committed to do that.

    Would love to have you follow if it was of interest to you!

    I have recently started following you as I set out to find new blogs to replace the others!


  2. I just went through and unfollowed some, what seemed to be inactive blogs from my list.
    I check for:
    Just a few of my favs!
    My blog is would love for you to follow if interested.

  3. Hello,
    I follow your blog and I love it.
    I have two blogs really. Here they are below:
    and here's the other
    I don't have any particular topic I stick to so it may look all over but it's my first one and I like it so far. The second is on my weight loss. Just started and I hope to get some more followers b/c I want to interact with others on my blog.
    I'd love it if you look at them. I love comments and suggestions. See you there!

  4. hi Trina,
    It's me, Renae over at:, of course! But wanted to list myself here, because I don't want to NOT have you follow me ... cuz, you have been making my dayz LATELY! You are so fun on your blog and on mine!
    Thanks, Renae

  5. I did the exact same thing a few days ago, I got rid of everything over six months except for one I'm curious about to see if she'll come back.

    Oh that U2 song brings me back, I think tomorrow's iPod theme is going to be classic U2!!!

  6. Check out the blog roll on my blog, because I absolutely love those blogs to death (too many to mention) :D (Yours is on it :p)

  7. Glad I found your blog it is so cute! You are super inspirational!

  8. I've been following your blog for a while now. I recently started my own fitness blog:

  9. I L-O-V-E your blog! I'm just getting started with mine: I hope to one day have the number of supporters you have! If you have any pointers, please share. I know this isn't what your post was about, but thanks!

  10. I've noticed a lot of the blogs I follow have dropped off too. Bummer.

    One of my faves:

    ...and I'm still around every day too.

  11. I have just found your blog! I'm fairly new to the blogging thing so I haven't noticed any drop off of the sites I follow.

    My site is:

    Come follow me!

  12. Trina! hi - hey, I think I'm painting the old table first and then the new one. But -- more on that later, but I could hunt out a little jacket in my thrift/consignment haunts if you'd like? What the size? You know, depending where you are, you could hunt down some deals.
    THANK YOU FOR STOPPING BY - and I have been really busy but can be in blog heaven for about 3 full days now. yay! ~ Renae

  13. I love your blog you have a great sense of humor and you keep it so real.


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