Tuesday, May 1, 2012

I see dead peolpe...

I started bootcamp yesterday with Silverback Fitness. I scored an amazing deal from Amazonlocal. 5 weeks, Mondays & Wednesdays for $39 BUCKS! I saved $111 greenbacks.
Long story short I arrived at the park raring to go. About 30 minutes into the class I encountered  a near death experience.  In my mind I believe I flat lined for a few seconds...I saw dead people.
Last night, my homie texted to see if I survived my first class:
 I plan to return on Wednesday. I refuse to let this bootcamp class make me its B*TCH!


  1. Great job pushing yourself!

  2. HA! Your text made me laugh out loud. Keep it up, girl! ;)

  3. That is an awesome deal!! good for you for signing up AND going!! That text is hysterical. i'm using that. My sister and I use the gun way more than we should. She'd love this. hahahaha!

    oh my gosh how i love your posts!
    own that class girl!

    a story in Pics only YOU could tel..
    Too damn funny.
    Way to go for Day 2 though..making Bot camp your Biaattccchhhh!


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