Monday, May 7, 2012

Bootcamp Day 2...Eye of the Tiger!

On Monday I departed from bootcamp disgusted with myself. I sucked beyond all suckognition. When I work out, I expect myself to not only complete the workout asked of me,  but to execute the activity competently. On Monday I accomplished the bootcamp circuits with as much grace as cow on ice skates.

I AM my own worst critic and hardest on myself. You should hear the inner dialogue in my head.  If I talked to my friends the way I address myself, my list of friends would be little to none.

So...Wednesday, marked day 2 of bootcamp. And in my last post I stated,
 "I refuse to let this bootcamp class make me its b!tch."

I still struggled but, midway through the class I found my groove. Wednesday's session focused on upper body as well as cardio. The warm up consisted of hamstring stretches and 6 minutes of jumping jack presses, alternating 30 seconds of presses with 30 sec of rest. I chose to use 10# weights for the presses.

Next, the instructor led us through the following circuit:
  • upper body exercises with weights
  • mountain climbers (Mountain climbers suck!)I filmed this video about 2+ years ago.

  • burpees
After we repeated the circuit three times we ran 5 rounds of sprints. Upon completion of the 3rd round I peered down at my Polar HRM. I expected to see the number of calories burned. Instead, my HRM displayed WTF?!

Those sprints whipped my ass!  I completed my 5th round of sprints, grabbed my gear and  limped  off the field like a wounded animal.  Despite the obstacles presented in bootcamp, I look  forward to next week's challenges!


  1. Trina when are you going to compete in a mud run lol??? I can picture you cussing the entire time!! I'm glad boot camp isn't making you its bitch!

  2. your weight loss blog is the first one I've come across. I'm new to blogland. I find your approach refreshing and fun

  3. Loved your post on my site. thanks for joining my site! Kohls is kind of funky -- but the Vera Wang lines are so nice -- ~ Renae

  4. You get a V for victory!
    keep kicking it's butt!

  5. WOW girl you are the keep up the good work!!


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