Tuesday, May 26, 2009

EA Wii Active 30 Day Challenge-Day 2?

I started the Wii EA Sports Active 30 Day Challenge last Friday (May 22, 2009)...money well spent. The Wii Active serves as my very own personal trainer in my living room. For the 30 day challenge, the "trainer" develops a routine of various exercises: squats, bicep curls, in-line skating, shoulder raises, running, walking...just to name a few. After completing my first session, my thighs hurt for two days, I assume from the squats and lunges. I REALLY felt the pain when shopping. I could barely lift my legs to try on a pair of Khakis at Tarjay (Target). My sore thighs also resulted in my decision to camp out downstairs...ME and sore thighs + the stairs = TROUBLE. I do have just one qualm about the Wii Active...the leg strap. The strap fit my thigh; however, the strap may not accommodate every thigh. Other than that, I fully endorse the Wii EA Sports Active...2 snaps up!
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  1. ok, now I gotta beg Mister to hook me up even though I have begged for a gym membership and the WII FIT! STOP with the gadgets!

  2. I know right. I think once I get through the 30 day challenge, I will treat myself to the wii fit.

  3. I also finished Day 2 yesterday, and have me some of those sore thighs! It was worse yesterday because I sat (and sat and sat) in meetings half of the day, and boy were they sore and stiff when I got up to walk after that!

  4. YES...they were stiff. I told my Mom I could barely bend my legs when walking. I almost looked like a mummy walking.

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