Friday, June 26, 2009


Yes, like everyone else in this huge bloggosphere, I submit my tribute to MJ. The media referred to him as WACKO JACKO, but his level of talent and genius, undeniable. Say what you want, decade after decade people continue to immortalize Michael Jackson via dance and music.

SIDE NOTE: Say what you want...but not in my blog comments ( BE NICE!)! Bash MJ on your own blog.

Back to my tribute... Today man, woman, and child alike morn the loss of one of the greatest entertainers, and with that being said I pay homage to MJ by posting some of my fav vidjos (videos).
First up, my all time fav: THRILLER! OMG, I remember sitting and waiting for the video to premier. From start to finish, I sat memorized. Not scared, like some people (no names), but MEZ-MO-RIZED I tell ya. As a child, I spent countless hours in front of the television performing the Thriller choreography in sync with the dancers in the video. And til this day, I still dance the steps EVERY TIME the video airs. So yes, today I believe I performed Thriller about 4 or 5 times, maybe more. I lost count.

Next up, "Beat It." If my memory serves me correctly (which never happens), while on the Halos drill team we competed with a routine to MJ's "Beat It." In case your wondering, no the Halos did not place first. The Las Banditas, beat us with a routine to MJ's "PYT." Anyway...

Man, as I flashback, a Michael Jackson video about the highlight of my night! On vidjo debut night, myself as well as all of America eagerly awaited MJ's next short film masterpiece. MJ never failed to captivate audiences young and old, and the videos ALWAYS delivered. Case in point, "BAD" featuring Wesley Snipes. My favorite line, "You ain't bad you ain't nothing! You ain't nothing!"

Mike IS BAD! Not was...IS! How BAD is he you ask? So bad, that Congress paused for a moment of silence, and Jessie Jackson Jr. made a statement on the Congress floor. Who's Bad? MJ, that's who. So, bad celebrities, MANY celebrities, wanted a ride aboard the MJ train. Most if not all of MJ's vids featured an all-star cast. For those of you around my age (30 whatever), how many celebrities can you identify in the following videos:

O...and did I mention I know sign langage for the chorus of "We Are the World"? Leaned it in 6th grade.

Well, as I bring my tribute to a close, I must state, Michael Jackson will be missed and mourned by millions. Despite the fact the media marred MJ's reputation, MJ will live on forever through his fans, brilliant work, and lasting legacy. WE LOVE YOU MJ! WELL I DO!

More vidjos for your viewing pleasure:

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    I have your blog on my reader, but I have a request--will you consider putting your entire entries on the reader? It's a hassle to click through, and more often than not, I don't. I really enjoy hearing what you have to say--I'm finally trying to get a handle on my weight and you have a lot of great tips, and you make me laugh.



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