Thursday, June 18, 2009

Next Stop...ONEderland (also a message to already fit and healthy people)!

Yeah I weigh 200 pounds...SO WHAT! I admit it! The truth will be revealed anyway on my guest stint weight loss reveal on Oprah, in my tell-all weight loss book, and in my many how'd-ya-do-it magazine interviews, which will be sold in various supermarkets within the contiguous United States. So, why not put it out there. I weigh 202 pounds, and I am 2 pounds away from ONEderland.
Which brings me to my next point. On my own, I decided the right time to begin this massive undertaking of losing weight. Attention fit and healthy people: overweight individuals know they are overweight (Well, some of us do. Not those that wear a size 20 but, buy a size 14.). If you noticed your friend or family member's sudden weight gain, a verbal confirmation is not needed nor required. Trust me... he or she knows. In due time, overweight individuals decide when the time is right to partake in their weight loss journey.

So with that being said, I leave the following guidelines for fit and healthy people to follow. Please do not offer the following to overweight friends or family (strangers too) unless otherwise asked:
  • weight loss advice

  • exercise tips

  • clothing stores you think I might like because you saw other big girls shopping there

  • recipes you deemed healthy

  • what you think I should order when we go out to eat

  • recommendations on exercise DVDs you saw on TV last night (by the way did anyone seen the Hip Hop Abs infomercial last night? That doesn't count because I'm not "fit and healthy" yet, so I can make recommendations.)

  • what you think I should wear ( one looks good in elastic pants or skorts. I can't believe skorts stil exist.)

  • Or tell me, "You have such a pretty face." (Thanks Sally for this addition to the list.

So, that completes my list for now. If you think of anything else, let me know. Additions to the list are welcome. Well, I weigh in on stop ONEderland.


  1. And don't say, "You have such a pretty face!"

    Cuz that just makes me want to punch yours....

  2. You know, I saw the Hip Hops abs commercial but everyone said I should buy that mess. Looks cool to me. Then again, I tend to get sucked into infomercials. :) Although I do love my InStyler. HA!

    You will get below 200 really soon! I am so close to breaking this number that I'm at, I could scream! I'm heading out for spin class...maybe I'll sweat out a few ounces so that I can see 179.8. LOL It's just a number.

  3. I keep seeing that Hip Hop Abs infomercial and I get sucked in too. I start it watching as though it's a TV show. I probably won't buy it because it will sit in the cabinet just like Yoga Booty Ballet. I bought that and used it a few times. The yoga part of the DVD is to hard.

  4. @ Sally...OMG yes. I forgot about that one. It's like thanks for the compliment...I think. I have a pretty face but what about the rest of me. Ooooo...that just burns me up!

  5. @ Brown Eyed Girl...let me know when you break that number and hit 179.8!


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