Tuesday, June 23, 2009


OMG! I could not get on this computer fast enough to blog about today's shopping excursion. While shopping in Dillard's my mom runs across this jazzy teal shirt, and asked If I like it! I do. She hands it to me, and I proceed to the register with my mom's credit card. The following conversation ensues:

Saleslady: "Oooo...yeah...you might want to get a size up."

Me: *blank stare* *looking at the saleslady with a crazy look on my face*

Saleslady: "Yeah. Everyone who buys this buys the next size up."

Me: *still looking crazy* "I'm getting this one." (Thinking to myself: I ain't everyone. She got one mo' time to offer me shopping advice. One mo' time and it's ON up in herre!)
Saleslady: "You wanna try it on?"

Me: "No...I'm good."

Saleslady: "Okay. Is that all for you today?"

Me: (Resisting the urge to jump over the register, I dryly answer.) "Yes."
As soon as I arrived home, I ran up stairs and tried on the top. IN YO FACE SALESLADY!!!!!!!! THE SHIRT FIT AND I HAD SOME ROOM TO SPARE!!!! HOW YA LIKE ME NOW! !!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT!?

I seriously considered driving back to Dillard's and rubbing my victory in her face. But with these gas prices, she ain't worth it!

This shirt looks cuter in person. The picture fails to show the detail on the front of the shirt.
Man that burns me up, but I got 3 words for the sales lady, "IN YO FACE!!!!!"


  1. I also blog on Blog to Lose. Here are some comments left by some other nice bloggers:

    Comment by Ana 28 minutes ago Delete Comment LOL I work in retail and the other day they tried making us tell people about our new plus size line. Like are you serious? I'm not telling a buncha women at the cash wrap if they're interested in our plus size line. Especially if they're buying regular clothes sizes! I would've had the same crazy look that you gave that one chick. But I'm glad you kept your cool cuz some retail sales people don't understand manners, it doesn't come with the sales guide unfortunately :P

  2. more comments:
    Nice! You rock and I am so glad that the shirt fit so well! You should go back and model it for her!

  3. more comments from Blog to Lose:

    Comment by Susan 4 minutes ago Delete Comment I love it! The conversation and the blog post!!! My sister had something like that happen to her. She is not really heavy at all - but the lady was like: that is so not going to fit you. My sister was shopping with her husband and felt embarassed. She tried on the bigger size - she was swimming in it. I am pretty sure the sales lady felt a little dumb. You look great! I love the colour on you!!!

  4. more from Blog to Lose:

    Comment by Brenda L Mathys 29 minutes ago Delete Comment: Good for you! You did well in not saying anything, I think I would have maybe slipped

  5. My responses:

    Comment by Trina Gaines 15 minutes ago Delete Comment @ Ana...Oh my gosh! Whoever suggested that you guys push the plus size line is very insensitive. Yeah, if someone one suggested that to me I'd probably give them one of my looks. I've lost some weight, but its moments like that, that set me back. I was thinking what are you trying to say lady?

    @Susan...Wow, salespeople can be so rude. I hate that happened to your sister in front of her husband. I was with my mom and the whole scene made me uncomfortable, Thanks for the compliment.

    @Tanie... Thanks. Aww man, you have no idea how bad I wanted to go back. My mom was like don't waste your gas.

    @ Brenda...LOL. she caught me on a good day. I was still high from my shopping spree in Bath and Body Works. They have an awesome sale going on.

  6. The nerve of some people. I do think the shirt is very cute.

  7. I still would have to call up there and speak to her manager or something but you handled that well! Much better than I would have handled it...I am quick tempered! LOL

  8. She caught me on a good day. But now that you mentioned it, I might call. I am good for calling up a manager and have been known to acquire a gift card or two. Hmmmmmm....

  9. Popping in from SITS! Nice to read you, new Sista! Congrats on the 25+ lb. loss, that's so amazing! A while back I lost 30+ lbs and reached my ideal weight. It was the greatest feeling in the world. However, last February I got pregnant, gained (I kid you not) over 70 lbs (and I SWEAR I wasn't being TOO bad with the ice cream) and I still have close to 50 to lose...and my baby is 7 months old. I'll be following your blog for sure! I can always use some weight loss inspiration!

  10. Thanks for showing some love fellow SITStah! I still use the explanation of child bearing as my reason for weight gain, and my kids are 16 and 11...lol.

  11. Definitely an adorable shirt and a great fit!

    Thanks for being so sweet and continuing to check in on me. :-)
    Path to Health

  12. Cute shirt!! And in her face b****! Happy Saturday Sharefest!!

  13. LOVE that shirt.
    And Happy Saturday Sharefest!

    Good luck on your weight loss. I'm in the middle of the 70 lbs, I'v had to lose. 38 down!
    Keep on it, SITSta!

  14. I just linked back over here from your 10 truths post. I seriously love this post. I have told several people about it (and you).

  15. Lol the nerve of some people!! What a skank haha that blouse is adorable! Glad you didnt listen =D

    Happy Holidays! Stopping by from SITS! =D

  16. Stopping by from SITS.
    What nerve of that lady! The top looks great :)

  17. OMG...I would have been pissed!! I can't believe she actually thought it was appropriate or professional to say something to you like that! You should have yelled at her! And the top looks great! I hope she made NO commission on your sale!

  18. Glad the top fit so well -- it really looks nice on you! I'm glad you kept your cool and didn't yell at that sales lady--good for you. I really think people are being a bit hard on her. It seems to me she was just trying to be helpful. I see absolutely nothing rude at all or wrong about suggesting you try it on first. I always try on jeans before buying, just to make sure. Sizes sometimes do run a bit differently.

    Congrats on your SITS day!

  19. I think the shirt looks really nice on you, especially the color. And good for you for keeping your cool - when it comes to comments about my weight, I often don't do a good job keeping a cool head. (And you're right, the gas wasn't worth a drive back over to Dillard's to tell her it fit!) :)

  20. She did NOT! That shirt is uber cute!

  21. Arrrgggghhh.......I can't believe how many people lack couth in the CS realm. Seriously.

    Okay, so you didn't drive back that day...did you wear the next time you went & hunt the salesperson down & say 'Remember us*???'

    *refering to you and cute babydoll

    Ah well....either way, you look great.

  22. Wow, I don't think I could have kept my mouth shut....good for you!:) And the shirt looks really snazzy too! Love it.:)

  23. WOW! That is a cute top- and I wouldv'e called her mamager over probably. I f I didn't have the girls with me , because they would have died of embaressment. lol.

  24. Wow. Good for you for not stooping to her level! Happy SITS Day!

  25. WOW. Cannot believe she did that!

  26. holy crap!! That shirt looks FAB on you! That saleslady deserves a swift punch in her face!

    Happy FB day!

  27. you should have totally went back and told her to keep her unwanted and stupid comments to herself.

    You look fabulous!


  28. Congrat on the shirt find. Great post.

  29. Ugh. Rude much? What a dumb thing for her to say.

  30. seriously?! SERIOUSLY?!?! Who the eff cares what size you buy - what if it wasn't for you? what if it's a size smaller because it's your "goal shirt"? what if...you didn't resist, jumped across and punched her?

    Well, then we'd all want photographic evidence.

    None of her damned business. Who the hell thinks that's ok!?

  31. What a rude sales person! I'd say unbelievable, but where they used to teach service to employees, most places don't.

    We stopped at a fast food place the other day and our total was 10.52. My honey gave the cashier 20.02 and she had to call a manager to figure out the change! WTF. Oh well what can you do but laugh. Hahahaha

  32. WAY TO GO WOMAN!! I so know that feeling and love it...I too would have wanted to smack her. Really some people are clueless. You look fabs! Keep on going woman you are beautiful no matter what.


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