Wednesday, June 24, 2009


SYTYCD (So You Think You Can Dance), my favorite show, debuted a few weeks ago. So far, I am so NOT invested in season 5. And this is coming from someone who attended the live show two years running. Not once have I felt compelled to pick up the phone and vote.

First, let's start with the opening number...Jonathon and Karla caught me napping. The hip hop numbers this year leave much to be desired. The choreographers ( i.e Napoleon and Tabitha, Shane Sparks, Dave Scott, etc.) rock, but the dancers fail to realize and execute the choreographer's vision. I need to see some hard hitting moves...BOOM KACK...BOOM KACK! What is BOOM KACK you ask? Laurie Ann Gibson, choreographer from the show Making the Band, popularized this dance term.

Vitolio and Asuka
I agree with Toni and Mary...not feeling them. The number held no excitement, and I love Mandy Moore's work (...remember the table dance with Neil and Sabra?) During Vitolio and Asuka's number, I walked away to plate my dinner. In my opinion, the couple merely danced the steps with very little emotion. I hope that Vitolio and Asuka heed Toni's warning, technique takes you o so far. If the duo survives tomorrow's elimination, both Asuka and Vitolio better dig deep to find the emotion their dance numbers sorely lack.

Ade and Melissa
Let the competition begin! you hear that? That is the sound of sizzle people! And did you see Melissa's dress? Seriously, when I reach my goal weight, I most definitely plan to rock a dress like THAT....where...probably on the street corner. Nevertheless, that dress killed it!

Brandon and Jeanette
Ummmm...mixed feelings for me. Brandon hit hard....BOOM KACK...BOOM KACK (okay... no more BOOM KACK.)! Maybe I failed to realize Dave Scott's vision of the hip-hop, rock thing. NEXT!

Kupono and Kayla
This elegant couple mesmerized me as they flowed across the stage with ease. Mary Murphy placed the dynamic duo on the HOT TAMALE TRAIN. I wouldn't go that far, but the number did not disappoint.

Evan and Randi
LOVED it, and I plan to add that song to my ipod. Music from SYTYCD inspires my workout play list quite often. Any who, I always look forward to a Mia Michael's routine, and this number delivered! Mia's quirky, cooky choreography complimented both Evan and Randi. and who can resist a booty routine? Hip hop or contemporary...booty is booty.

Jason and Caitlin
Passo Doble...more like Passo Don't-le. Jason and Caitlin's performance failed to live up to the powerful music. I sat on the couch waiting. For what, I do not know because IT (whatever it is) never happened. The wardrobe department deserves a fashion citation for the Princess Leia knock-off, Return of the Jedi costume, and for Jason's 1/2 naked Pirates of Penzance frock.

Phillip and Jeanine
Phillip bought a whole new meaning to the term assed out. He busted his trousers wide open! I thoroughly enjoyed this routine despite Phillip's lack of Broadway training. Jeanine more than made up for what Phillip lacked. Highlight...Phillip jumping over the couch. I sat on pins and needles awaiting the jump. When he cleared the couch I cheered. I even clapped at the end of this extremely entertaining number. BRAVO!

My prediction for the bottom 3:
  • Jonathon and Karla
  • Vitolia and Asuka
  • Jason and Caitlin
Front runners:
  • Ade and Melissa
  • Phillip and Jeanine
  • Evan and Randi
That's all I'm gonna say about that. Tune in tomorrow for the results show.


  1. I admit that I am SO into the show no matter what, because I didn't get to follow it in past seasons (except last year).... But I'm getting mad at some of the judges lately. They gave good reviews to a routine that didn't deserve the praise!

  2. I agree, like Brandon and his partner. Mary goes on and on and I'm like okay, that's enough. It's just something about these dancers this season. IDK?

  3. I'll be glad when it whittles down to the really giid dancers. They all seem average to me.

  4. @ Stormy...Me too. Like last year I like Katie, Joshua, and Twicht right away. Mostof them have no personality.


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