Monday, December 28, 2009

Calling All Shopaholics!

You might be a shopaholic if...
  • Is your closet overflowing with new or never-worn clothing, with price tags still attached? Answer: No. Actually, my closet recently overflowed with my "before" clothes, sizes 18-20. While cleaning my room last week, I decided to pack my "before" clothes away...out of sight, out of mind!
  • Is your closet overflowing with new or never worn shoes? Answer: No comment. At my highest weight, the extra pounds sometimes restricted my choices when purchasing clothing, but my feet never really changed. As a result, I frequently splurged on crime in that. Can anyone relate?
Well, no need to proceed any further with more questions. Why you ask? In order to call yourself a shopaholic you need a little something called money, currency, coinage, and/or SOME type of medium of exchange. And in this economy for many people an abundance of financial resource is few and far in between.

BUT...even though the economy remains in turmoil, my Mom and I decided to still go forth with our annual Girl's Day Out Shopping Excursion! Usually around Christmas, my Mom and I choose a shopping destination other than our usual haunts, and shop till we drop or until we get hungry! And for the first time in a long time fellow bloggers I enjoyed going to the mall and shopping!

Since losing 45 pounds I felt I deserved my new mini wardrobe and I welcome my new clothes with open arms. Take a look:

It's all about the t-shirt y'all!
My first piece of clothing from the Loft (around $9 bucks)...NSV! My camera failed to do the actual color of this tee justice.

Macy's...around $11 bucks

I rocked this tee under my new "leather" jacket I acquired on another shopping venture.

$7.99 at New York & Co.

I posted this shirt on a previous post...crisp white ruffled shirt $7.99! What a steal!

Prior to my shopping venture with my Mom I partook in a little shopping practice run at Macy's. In all honesty, I wanted to see what size I wear since I purchased my last pair of jeans back in March. To my surprise, I purchased a pair of size 14, $46.00 Bandalino jeans for $13 bucks.

I got these $40 Style & Co. pants that zip at the ankle for around $11 bucks.
I bought these $46.00 Style & Co. jeans for a mere $11 dollars. Now check this out...the shirt pictured below WAS priced at $49.oo and I paid $ 12 bucks...$12 greenbacks! This shirt is reserved for NIGHTS OUT ON THE TOWN!

These babies were a steal at $3 bucks a piece. You can never have to many tank tops!

Old Navy Tee $5 bucks

Well the moral to this quick as clothing and shoes go on sale, NEVER buy anything at full price!! The real moral...hard work and perseverance really pays off! Who'd-a-thunk (bad grammar alert) that I'd be shopping at the Loft and bypassing the plus size section. Sometimes it feels weird to walk in a store and pass up the women's section. It feels weird but it feels good!!!!!


  1. I'm loving it all Trina! You look great!

  2. Woohoo!! Way to go on getting in those size 14 jeans!!! Love all the outfits! You look great!!

  3. Great buys Trina! I love the shirts!! You look great! I love deals too! :)

  4. WAY TO GO!! Such awesome buys and those jeans look great on you!

  5. You look great! I love all the clothes and what great buys! I would love to shop until I drop, but am low on the funding! I look forward to buying my first pair of size 14 jeans!

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