Thursday, December 3, 2009

Let it Snow. . . Let it Snow. . . Let it SNOW!

The city is abuzz with talk of the impending snow. My BB Weather Eye App, in addition to several weather forecasters predict some "snow-like" activity in various parts of Houston.

Why the excitement? Well, as I previously mentioned, we rarely see snow in these here parts. AND if the weather proves too challenging for commuters, perhaps the school districts will cancel school resulting in a 4 day weekend for ME and my coworkers! One can only

So, I forced myself to workout today. As per my goal, that makes 3 out of 5 workouts completed this week, and since my "week" ends on Saturday, I must confess I failed to meet my workout goal. Tomorrow's workout will make 4, and 4 out of 5 ain't bad. How bout some good news (well good news for me)? A new management team took over our complex and they started making changes already. And one of those changes...A NEW TREADMILL in the "gym."

Yesterday, I shared my Frosties with you guys, and unfortunately Frosty will not make an appearance at this year's Polar Express event. Basically, my Frosties refuse to adhere to my butt giving a whole new meaning to the term assed out.

Definition of Assed out: To be out of luck

So, my ill fitting PJs got me to thinking:
"Trina (my internal dialogue with myself), did your butt really fill up these pajamas last year or did I buy the pajamas a little bit too big? Then I answered myself, which is not a good thing. YEP, my butt was really and truly that BIG...big enough to fill up the seat in my Frosty PJs."
When I look in the mirror, my weight loss seems surreal, but "wearing" old clothing, such as my Frosties and other baggy previously owned garments helps me grasp the reality of my successful weight loss efforts. Does that make sense? I just need to work on my brain and my eyes accepting the reflection in the mirror.


  1. Yes it makes sense, LOL.. Looking at all clothes can be a real motivator. You see how far you have come and what you refuse to go back too.

    Have fun in the snow!! Hope you get a day off. :-)

  2. Oh, I'm SO jealous of your snow! PLEASE send it east when you are done with it!!! And congratulations on your continued weight loss. What an exciting time for you!


    Teresa <><

  3. yep! trying on old clothes can really make you see how far you have come! Bye-Bye frosty pj's! Can't wait to see pics of you in your new SMALLER jammies! :)

    SNOW!!! Oh my! Id freeze my California ass off! lol


  4. THANK YOU SO MUCH for commenting on my wall for my Fatty at F entry. Seriously.... I HATE pictures of myself because they don't lie. :( Right when I came home and saw them pictures, I wanted to run to the gym and exercise like a freak!!! But then I thought, hhhmm, That might be a bit obsessive. :(

    And I burned 3000 by moving for 2 hours straight: treadmill, elliptical, weights and then went home and iced my joints. :P

  5. Popping by from SITS... what an adorable blog...made me laugh. I am a Houtson girl living in Norway... Can not believe y'all have snow before us! CRAZY!

  6. That is crazy! I heard people in Texas were so excited they were taking pictures with their cell phones in the Wallmart parking lot : ). We got some today. It doesn't make me too happy. Well, it does make me happy that the kids are happy of course : ) but besides that? Not so much!

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