Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A Frosty Friendship

So, I thought about yesterday's post, Experiencing Technical Difficulties, and somewhere between publishing the post and arriving at the grocery store after work, I started to come to my senses about my weight loss frustrations. Well first off, I thought about all of my hard work thus far and I realized (yet again) I ain't going back. Plus, I like the response I get from family and friends. Last weekend we dropped by my aunt's house and she and some of my other family members complimented me on my new developing shape. AND, this weekend I went out with some friends and one of them said, " Woo, hey skinny!" It felt good...real good to hear that.

Anyway, as I previously mentioned I started to come to my senses...
I set some goals and I want to see them through to completion. More specifically, A few weeks ago Actual Scale published a post explaining that 50 days remained in 2009. So, I made up my mind that I want to lose 50 pounds by the end of 2009. Thus, my 50 by 50 goal was born. At that time, my weight loss totaled a whopping 45 pounds. So I thought 50 by problem. Or so I thought (cue frustration). Since then, a couple of pounds found their way back home.

Time waits for no one, so I decided to make every effort to hit my 50 in 50 goal. For starters, I made myself go to the "gym" and workout. Rain, sleet, or snow, I was determined to workout yesterday, and I did.

I ran through the freezing rain to and from the gym in my complex.

As soon as I reached home, I ran upstairs and immersed myself in a steaming hot shower. And after my shower, I treated myself to my Frosties.
Meet my friend Frosty!
I purchased this ensemble last year for Polar Express Day at work. Yes! I wore pajamas to work. In my opinion, all companies should require employees to wear pajamas at least twice a month. What is Polar Express Day, you ask? On the last day before Christmas Break, the librarian hosts Polar Express day where the entire school wears their PJs, watches the movie, and drinks hot cocoa.

And unfortunately last year, Houston's unpredictable December climate made wearing fleece pajamas in 70° weather a nightmare!

Today the weatherman predicts snow this Friday. It snows in Houston maybe once every 3 or 4 years. My kids reveled in last year's winter wonderland...their second snow experience.
Making a Snow-not-so-much-an-Angel


  1. Haha, reminds me of when I had a friend from Florida come up and stay with me. We had the first snow of the year while he was here, and I had the pleasure of watching a 40 year old man frolic for the better part of an hour in not even one inch of snow. He'd never seen it before!

    Dropping by via sits. Best of luck with your goals, and congratulations with all the success you've accomplished so far!

  2. Good for you! Your setting some goals and sticking to them. I can't believe you ran in the rain!! That is incredible. I was thinking the same thing, December is here already??Time jsut sort of creeps up on you. Good luck to you!! I will be here cheering you on.

    Oh and love the PJ's.. they look so comfortable. I'm all about the comfort. Here in VA, they are calling for 2 inches of snow and I'm ready. I love the snow!! It looks so beautiful. :-)

  3. YOu and your frosties! LOL

    And please don't call those dirty sky drops we have in Houston...don't that call that snow! LOL

  4. Awww, look how cute you look in your jammies. I think every week there should be a PJ day!

  5. OHH!!! I love your FROSTY slippers and you fuzzy PJ's too! :) Good job on getting in the exercise even with the bad weather! :)

  6. Losing a pound a day is crazy (since 1-2 a week is healthy) - but I applaud you for having a goal. I need to get stricter with mine.

    By the way, I LOVE some of your WTH's! Laughed my head off.

  7. I wish my company would allow Pajama day! That would be awesome right? Do they let you nap too? he he. I love snow! We are expecting some tomorrow but could be wet snow.

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