Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Experiencing Technical Dificulties. . . Please Stand By

My Thanksgiving post jacked up my layout. When I get home tonight, I will investigate the matter and publish my Thanksgiving post again.

I thought about posting last night, but no good news to report. I really wanted to write that I jumped back on the wagon moving full speed ahead on my weight loss endeavor...not the case. One of my feet still drag behind the back of the wagon kicking up dust. Last night, me and a bag of Salsa Verde chips had a little rendezvous, in which the chips proceeded to seduce me into their cheesy, spicy embrace.

I think the long holiday break threw me off track: lazy days of sofa surfing, late nights of partying like a rock star, sleeping in everyday (sometimes past 11:00A.M.), "treating myself" to holiday eats, and so on and so.

I just get so frustrated. I read other blogs where the author breezed through Thanksgiving with no problems, or the blogger got back on track the very next day. For some reason during the holidays, the wiring in my brain malfunctions and short circuits. But like I said before, it's a mindset, and I need to get my head back in the game. That means I must and really need to do the following:
  • Make MORE APPROPRIATE food choices (focus on filling foods)
  • LISTEN to my body (Am I really hungry? Am I full yet?)
  • Remember to take my medications (No, Mom. I do not want one of those pill box thingies for my purse.)
And this is why I am so frustrated. I know what I need to do. I know the plan, but why do I fail to execute the plan? I probably need to take a trip to the library for some books on how to work through my frustrations. On second thought, the library may not be a good idea. By now, the library personnel probably posted a wanted picture of me on the wall due to a CD I checked out some time ago (which I found the other day).


  1. I guess those who breeze through have the mindset that today is just another day and don't let all the negative self-talk get in the way. I'm sure the longer you stay on the healthy path you are taking, the easier it will get for you.

  2. Glad your back and have worked out the technical difficulties, LOL.. You know I can't go too long without reading your blog. It's my daily motivator. When I want to grab that piece of cake, I turn to your blog for motivation. Don't beat yourself up over Thanksgiving. I know you will recover and get it together. Look how far you have come. I'm still struggling to lose 10 lbs and this is my 3rd month. You are doing great and I know you will get it together soon. Hang in there gilr!! :-)

  3. Thanks, you are 100% correct. I need to start back by making small goals so I don't feel so overwhelmed and ready to give up. Yesterday I started to work on getting more water in. So far today has been kind of slow, but I still have the rest of the day and my Camelbak water bottle is full sitting on my desk.

    I really needed the little pep talk. Because no, I do not want to go back where I came from. I have been 20 pounds heavier than I am, and initially lost 10 pounds and kept it off for a couple years, but I am down another 10, and am going to keep it off. As well as keep working to take off another 10 and so on. But right now, I will do exactly what you said and work small. Thank you - so much.


  4. Okay, get out of my head! I could have written this post because I am struggling with the same thing! I feel like I will never fully figure out this whole healthy living thing.

  5. LOL! YOu look like you had an accident in your pants! LOL...you are a mess girl!

    I need you to be my "food monitor"..I have been eating cookies for dinner lately!

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