Sunday, December 6, 2009

Make New Friends but Keep the Old

I remember that song from Girl Scouts...Make new friends, but keep the is silver and the others gold...(flashback over).

Okay, finished reminiscing about my Girl Scout days of yore, and now on to the meat of this post. So a few weeks back I made new friends with Ralph Lauren and Bill Blass while on a shopping excursion. As my body continues to adapt to my lifestyle change, I decided not to spend large amounts of money on new clothes to dress my still changing body. I choose to explore more frugal option like my local Goodwill.
Believe it or not, another option worth old clothes. The funny thing, some of my old clothes actually fit better now since losing weight. The reason for the better fit, the clothes were too tight, but I wore them anyway thinking I looked fabulous. Case in point, this outfit pictured below. I loved (and still do) this black bolero jacket and pin-stripped mock corset.

On the left my boobs are clearly trying to escape the corset. On the right....what boobs? You know? I just knew I rocked the crap out of this ensemble every time I wore it day.

Here's the one day...
So last year, I wore this outfit to my friend's karaoke party, and at the party a group of us sang or rather screamed Poison by BBD. Before I went on stage, I asked one of the other ladies sitting at the table to video us making complete fools of ourselves. So, fast forward to several months later. I decided to put together a photo montage of the karaoke party as a friendly gesture to the birthday girl. While trying to cut and edit some video clips I heard the following:

Former Best Friend: ...yeah but that shirt is too tight though (I failed to hear the comment that provoked that statement, but they were talking about me).

Former Best Friend: Who? My used to be best friend. That shirt is like a corset.

Other party Go-er: What? Wait...who's shirt? Who? What? Who?

Former Best Friend: If I say who, then they (I don't know who "they" is.) are going to know who I'm talking about. You know who. The one who used to date my brother. (True, I dated her brother which was probably the beginning of the end of our friendship. But everything happens for a reason.) It's not a shirt. It's a corset.

Other Party Go-er: It's made like that (it meaning the shirt).

Former Best Friend: No its a corset and it's tooooo tight. (The rest of the conversation sounded muffled and then I
hear a burst of laughter).

WHO'S LAUGHING NOW! You know, ev
en though I looked like a big fat pig on stage, I appeared to be enjoying life and not hiding from the world (unlike some people). Yes, I still possess the infamous video, and every time I think about calling up my former best friend to reconcile I remember what I heard.

Let me clear up something. Our friendship ended way before the making of the video, but every now and then I think about being the bigger person and calling her. But in this instance, I can live with being the smaller person

Now, on to my OLD friends..
I paired this OLD turtleneck purchased 3 years ago with a patent leather belt from Wal-Mart.

Socks on sale at Target for $1.24. $40 dollars Bandolino shoes purchased at Shoe Cents' going out of business sale for $10 dollars.

My mom bought this denim blazer, size XL Juniors, a couple of years ago but it was to small. The Ralph Lauren pin-stripped shirt, I purchased a while back became to small as my body ballooned. HELLOOOO Ralph!!! Nice to see you again.

OLD size 18/20 sweater and button down shirt paired with thrifted $2.99 belt. The belt makes my waist look slimmer therefore altering the bigness of the shirts. BELTS ROCK!

Oh by the weigh (lol) I lost 2.2 this week. I posted last week's results of a 1.8 gain in my Thanksgiving post, but due to the jacked-upness (not a real word) of my Thanksgiving post, I removed it so that I can repair the post and publish again.


  1. Hey Girl! You look great!! I love all the outfits, especially that turtle neck sweater. I love turtleneck sweaters. Oh and for the former friend, it sounds like she is a hater. You did the right thing by dropping her as a friend. People like that need to be left alone, :-)

  2. You look so cute! I love your sense of style. I have none. LOL

  3. I'm loving that black turtleneck and grey pant outfit. The hat is really cute too.
    The jean jacket looks great on you. Totally gives you a waistline. You should try to get as much use out of it as you can, before you start drowning in it.

  4. You look awesome! Who cares what she thought? Congrats on the loss!

  5. You're looking great!

    I too am discovering 'new' clothes in my wardrobe...Items that finally fit or fit better.

    A few things I can't believe I wore 25lbs before :)

  6. ME likey the outfits! Belts are every curvy girls friends! Great job at shopping in your own closet!

  7. I would like to add that I have seen the "former best friend's" picture before and all I have to say is she wore SHINY shirts and had no business...Do the Hater wave!

  8. Damn cute outfits...werk that turtle neck

    That’s really shitty how your old friend (I use that term loosely) did you...but like you said. Who's laughing now boo..LOVES IT!

  9. Mocha T. Many congrats on your current weight loss! You are really doing your thing--you look great and your loss is very noticeable. You are soooo insprirational. I LOVE clothes, shoes, bags, etc. too! BTW just let sleeping dogs lie...

  10. You look fantastic and I LOVE your style. It's great to go back and recycle the skinny clothes. I know there are a few pairs of jeans that I would love to recycle back into! =)


  11. You look great - you are apparently a woman who wears her clothes - my clothes always wear me, which isn't quite effective.

    I'm starting my diet. I've started it 3 days this week! I'm hoping it's going to stick tomorrow! LOL

  12. That's awesome that you can "shop" in your closet!!! I have many memories of people talking "about me" like that -- and now so many don't even recognize me anymore. Keep up the awesome work!

    Stopping over from SITS... have a great day!

  13. I love the denim jacket and the black shirt. I think I need to invest in some new belts now. :) You look great.

  14. Another person here from SITS.

    You look great!! It's kind of fun to rediscover your old wardrobe, stuff fits!! A few years ago I was able to wear jeans that I'd last worn in high school, over 15 years before. (And unfortunately, since then, I've gained about 20 lbs and the jeans again do not fit. But they day, they will...)


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