Tuesday, April 24, 2012

I got the WRITE stuff...

HAWMC Writing Prompt #15:
What's your writing style? Do words just flow from your mind to your fingertips? Do you like handwriting first? Do you plan your posts? Title first or last? Where do you write best?

Despite the sometimes arduous process of creating a blog post, I adore writing.  Truth be told, I aspire to write a book someday. About what?  I played with the idea of penning an expository text about dealing with men and their douchebaggery  mannerisms.

On occasion, I receive comments complimenting my writing style. But what exactly is my style?  I consider myself a "Storyteller."  I design my writing to captivate and entertain an audience. I aim to share my experience complete with descriptions to excite the senses. 
With my writing I intend to tell a story with my words and transport the reader to that particular point in time. An extra added bonus to my style, my posts tend to take a comedic turn from time to time. I never force the funny, it just flows.

In my opinion, the following posts highlight my "storyteller" style (Click the links to read the posts):
When I create, I consider myself an artist. I use words to paint a picture. Words. Words. Words. I regard myself somewhat as a novice wordsmith. I prefer to use $5 words (expressive or creative words) rather than mundane, ordinary ones. Case in point, in the previous sentence I employed the word mundane rather than boring.

As a teacher, I encourage my students to utilize $5 words  and to retire blah, dreary words to the word cemetery.
So to answer the question, do the words just flow from my mind to my fingertips...yes and no. When my blogging mojo arrives on the scene, my words resemble that of a current surging through a light bulb.

However, I periodically experience writer's block. And when blocks occur I stop blogging until the blockage recedes. In the past I apologized for my many writer's block blog hiatuses. Now...no apologies. Rather than force a post,  I made the desicion to blog when I AM damn ready...THIS IS MY BLOG!

Next question, do you like handwriting first? It depends on my mood or the topic at hand.  Oftentimes I brainstorm a post or jot down ideas. If a notion strikes while driving, I record the thoughts with my phone.

Now, to acknowledge the remaining three question. Yes and no, to the query of do I plan posts. I typically write about current events in my life. Every now and then, a "hot button" topic that chaps my hide comes to the forefront of various media outlets and in turn, I write an emotional response, as in the case of the post...I'm about to piss some people off. 

So what came first, the title or the body of the post? This question reminds of the causality dilemma...which came first, the chicken or the egg. In my case, the title precedes the body of the post. On rare occasions, my posts inspires a title.  I strive to create a post titles that peak my reader's interest. One of my favortie post title...Thing I learned from a one-legged stripper.

And lastly, allow me to address where the blogging magic happens. Blogging location depends on my mood. Normally, I blog in my bedroom; however, when the weather permits I revel in sitting on the patio and letting my creative juices flow!

When the mood strikes, I blog any and everywhere...when time allows.

How about you? Tell me:
What's your writing style? Do words just flow from your mind to your fingertips? Do you like handwriting first? Do you plan your posts? Title first or last? Where do you write best?

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Lesson learned the hard weigh...

And so the HAWMC continues...

Today's writing prompt: Learned the Hard Way...What's a lesson you learned the hard way? Write about it for 15 minutes.

Well one lesson I learned...After I finish viewing Redbox movies, I must remember to place the previously viewed movies in my line of sight. If not, I forget that I rented them, thus resulting in my ownership of a new movie. And let me tell you, I own quite an extensive collection of Redbox movies.

Seriously...a lesson, or THE lesson in life that I learned the hard way (and continue to learn on a daily basis)...

Sunday, April 15, 2012

A letter to my 16 year-old self...

Parental Advisory...this post contains profanity.  I want to advise any and everyone to write a post to your 16 year-old self. This post proved to be quite a cathartic experience. 
Dear 16-Year-Old-Me,

        Heeeeey giiiiiiirl!! Brace yourself as I drop a paramount nugget of knowledge guaranteed to rock your world. Get a load of this:
I implore YOU to heed the GOSPEL according to your MOTHER.  Believe it or not, she once walked the earth as a 16 year-old.  You may think your mother talks just to hear her own voice. I believe she intends to help, not hinder you with the information she divulges. Better to be safe than sorry; so, hear me when I say write"LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER!"
Okay, time to get down to brass tacks. I must address this poor body image issue. Oooo, but first... I feel the urgent need to discuss this f***tard you call a "boyfriend."

Trina, what you perceive as love is merely infatuation. In the future that scrub inadvertently decimates  your heart and leaves you to handle the weight of the world on your shoulders. But you prevail...faced with a clusterf***k of adversity, you prevail. Word to the wise, follow your hopes & dreams, not that douche-bag. Imjussayin!

Now, the body image issues. Low self esteem much? Baby girl, mirror mirror on the wall, YOU got the bangingest body of the all. Look at you rocking that cheerleader uniform!

Okay, with regards to your body image issues, first I need to address the badunk-a-dunk...

You know that booty you dislike so much...

The booty that hikes your cheerleading skirt up, making the skirt shorter in the back than in the front... 

Well......you dislike that booty now, but in the future you embrace that booty and become quite the expert and authority on Booty Tooching (not touching, but tooching).

Now let's discuss the twins...

You know, those bazooms riding high on your chest...

Women spend thousands upon thousands of dollars to obtain magnificent warlocks of that magnitude! Be grateful! Rest assure...although your knockers feel like a nuisance, in the future you will embrace the twins, and showcase them with pride.

One more thing before I wrap up this letter...

 Live in the moment. No need to rush growing up. Do you want to know what waits for ALL adult?  Bills, insurmountable responsibility, bills, health hindrances, bills, emotional quandaries, and last but not least...more damn bills! 

In short, I ask that you accept AND adhere to the guidance provided in this letter. You WILL thank me in the long run! Lastly, let me leave you with this...

Savor this time of your life and make lasting memories!

Forever and Always,

P.S. You need to launch a search, find, and assault the Glamour Shots employee responsible for that picture, specifically that heinous coif.  And that hat with a net! Really?  

Thursday, April 12, 2012

I LOVE the boy with the BREAD!

Yes, I do. I love the boy with the bread! 
And that boy that I speak of...none other than Peeta Mellark!  Yes, Peeta Mellark of the Hunger Games franchise.
If you know not what I speak of, you either just landed on the planet Earth or been living under a rock.  Believe me when I say The Hunger Games is the new Twilight. I highly recommend you read the books before you see the movie. The movie stayed true to the book (with a few embellishments), and brought the pages of the book to life!

And...might I add, reading takes your mind off food and keeps your hands busy turning pages instead of digging in a bag of chips. 

So...as most of you and the rest of the world knows, The Hunger Games opened a couple weeks ago. And in keeping with our tradition, the lovely ladies of Morales and myself partook in a night of movie magic merriment.  Meaning, we each made or purchased a Hunger Games shirt and met up for libations & gastronomic provisions. Translations: DRANKS & JUNK FOOD!

My shirt: I blinged it myself! 

Since I like to feed my clothes instead of my mouth, YES...I ALWAYS eat with a bib.  
We never do anything half-ass. And we go "all out!" My mom graciously made party favors. What's a party without favors?
We even held our own Reaping! The winner received a gift bag chocked full of the Hunger Games goodies! 

But guess who won the reaping...wouldn't you know it, "The Girl on Fire!"
By far the highlight of the night...Rose's ensemble. She arrived dressed as Katniss complete with a bow and arrow. When Rose decides to do something, she commits. 
And now the..."I think you need to close your drink tab pics!"
And thus concludes my Hunger Games show-n-tell. How did you usher in new franchise?
And by the way, this post serves as #7 for the WEGO's HAWM Challenge. The topic for post #7: FREE CHOICE! Yes, technically today is Day 12, but you know me...always the rebel, never following rules. 

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Take a look, its in a book... AND, my SUPAH power REVEALED!

For those of you not familiar, I grabbed my post title from one of my favorite shows I watched as a kid. Take a guess...

That's riiiiiight, Reading Rainbow!!

So, why the Reading Rainbow reference? Weeellll,  a few weeks ago I made a promise to myself (ONCE AGAIN) to blog more consistently, and once again I broke that promise (SURPRISE, SURPRISE).

Instead of plugging away on my laptop blogging, I find myself curled up in a corner any & everywhere with my nose stuck in a book, well  in this case, stuck in my iPad...reading, reading, reading!

Every now and then the reading bug bites and I get the fever...the fever for a mind altering great book. Reading relaxes and transcends me to another world. AND it helps to take my mind off food and eating.  

Well my friends,  I NOW find myself immersed and transcended into a NEW trashy paranormal world filled with sensual, brooding, tenacious vampires. I am captivated by J.R. Ward's the Black Dagger Brotherhood Series. If you own a Nook or use the Nook app, I can lend you the books to read. Let me know!

So, tell me...what are you reading, just finished reading, or plan to read?

Moving on...

So, last month I mentioned I planned to participate in the Health Activist's Writing Challenge. Well, I missed day and 1 and 2, thanks to my weekend reading coma.

Today's topic...

If you had a superpower what would it be? And how would you use it?

Well, I already have a superpower...the power of FABULOUSNESS! Fabulousness comes from within, and my inner fabulousness provides me the ability to transform the ordinary into utter fabulousness.

Take for instance this, plain-Jane Cinna Hunger Games tee.

I purchased this shirt online for a Hunger Games party I attended. When the shirt finally arrived, I felt like it needed a lil something extra. I tapped into my inner fabulousness and...

With my trusty hot fix tool and several bags off crystals, I transformed my ordinary tee into total and complete...FABULOUSNESS!

Check me out...rocking the ish outta my shirt!!
And my best example of my FABULOUSNESS manifested...

Here you see two handsome young men.
Insert FABULOUSNESS and...
Yes. It took two to tango to create these dapper young fellas.  BUT...when my partner's mediocre DNA intermingled with mine, MY DNA contained the FABULOUSNESS factor which over powered his inferior genes ultimately...resulting in the two creative, talented, awe-inspiring dancers you see pictured below:-D

Believe it or not everyone possesses the power to be fabulous. I often think about starting my own business as a FABULOUSNESS Coach...lol. My goal, help others tap into their inner FABULOUSNESS and SHINE!

You know, now that I think about it, I may need to order myself a cape. And for those of you who "know" me, you know I would actually do it...order the cape.

Well, my friends, I bid you adieu. I must GO and spread my FABULOUSNESS with the rest of the world!

So, if you had a superpower, what would it be? And how would YOU use it?

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