Sunday, November 22, 2009

Peace on Earth...GOODWILL to Me(n)!

Hey, I just realized my last post was my 100th post! I hope someone found some useful information in one of those 100 posts of my sometimes insane rambling. Before I get on with this post how bout a little housekeeping starting with weigh in results.

I got OWNED by the scale this week, +.8 lbs. I chose not to invest any negative energy into my weigh in results. No use in crying over .8, not even a whole pound. I can honestly say I made a valiant effort with my food choices and my tracking. I must admit, my tracking efforts fell by the wayside lately, but last week I set two goals:
  1. Goal #1, track...If I bite it, write it!
  2. Goal #2, work on the WW Healthy Guideline specific to incorporating 2 doses of healthy oils daily. To incorporate oil, I added 1 tsp of olive oil to my afternoon smoothie, homemade salad dressing, oatmeal, and/or my morning grits.
This week I plan to continue to work on these same two goals, PLUS add more activity. Since I'm off from work this week, there is no excuse for not working out. So, goal #3, workout at least 5 times this week. Since my week starts on Saturday, 1 workout down and 4 to go.

On to my post...
MEET MY PERSONAL STYLIST... God's Favorite Shoes. I often visit GFS's blog to drool over her FABULOUS thrift finds.
A few weeks ago I confided in GFS that I lost my fashionista mojo. Back in the day, (the lighter days) I stayed on point with the latest fashion styles and trends. Well, the more weight I piled on, the less options remained for places to shop. AND, for big girls around my age (, not many stores carry affordable, age appropriate, non-tent resembling clothing like the frock pictured below.

Getting to the point...
I told GFS that I desperately needed some clothes that actually fit and I needed her fashion expertise to try to put some looks together. I no longer wanted to dress so matchy-matchy, Gap ad. I desired a new look to show off my more svelte silhouette. So, me and GFS went shopping and she helped put these ensembles together (Ignore my hair and the price tags thrown on the floor):
BEFORE: Old Navy black dress $9.99
AFTER: Old Navy Dress + Old Navy Jacket $9.99 + Pink/Black Snakeskin Belt $2.99 AND my Halloween fishnets.

I love my Madden Girl shoes! I already had these shoes but decided to try them on with this dress.

New York & Co. Geometric Shapes Wrap Dress $9.99. I paired this dress with my "Beat Ya Down Boots" I almost went to jail over these $150 dollar Antonio Melani boots I got for $35.00. I was trying on one boot, and the other boot sat silently in the box. A lady walked by and attempted to grab the other boot in the box. I informed her that I was already trying on the boots, and then she looked at me like whatever. I looked at her like "try it and see what happens." We stared each other down and she finally walked off. I was prepared to go to war over these boots.

Ralph Lauren Shirt Pinstriped Black Shirt $6.99 + Cobalt Blue Belt $ 2.99

Now, ask me where I purchased these great finds...
That's right! Peace on Earth...Goodwill to me!And if you think you are to good for Goodwill, the you need to get over yourself real quick. I purchased many more pieces like my Bill Blass Tuxedo Shirt. I wanted to show you some of my other looks, but my photographer started to get a little annoyed with my multiple wardrobe changes.


  1. Nice threads. I love me some Goodwill.

  2. Love the outfits! I need to hit Goodwill up more often. I kept seeing the prices... $2.99 for this, $6.99 for that.. I was like, where in the world is she shopping at...Now I know!!

    oh and no worries about the .8lbs. I know by next week, they will be gone.. :-)

  3. I love all of your outfits! :) I have a friend who keeps tellin me to to to the local Goodwill to look for good stuff! I need to go after seeing how cute you look! :)

    Happy 100 post btw :)

  4. OMG!!!!! I am so freakin proud of MYSELF...I mean YOU! You look great! They are all my favorites! I love those shoes too!

    I am so proud! You look great and belts are you friend!! That printed dress is fab!


    My first styling gig to someone that's not in my family...well that's not true but you get it:)

  5. and the fishnets are perfect!!!!!!! Wear those alot!

  6. Love the looks! I need to hit up my local Goodwill.

  7. Love the shoes!!!

    I just posted our swap partners over on my blog if you want to go see who you got...and who got you!

  8. You are HOT HOT HOT! love the new outfits....and drooling over the boots and shoes! Gorgeous!

    I love your blog, so I gave you an award, pick it up at


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