Monday, June 29, 2009

Planning for SUCCESS: Tools!

While checking out the SITS featured blogger of the day, I ran across these great tools on the project girl blog:
In the sidebar under the title popular posts, the project girl provides other planning tools to help keep your life in order.

For more on planning for success, visit Saturday's post: It Coulda Been Worser (No, worser is not a real word)!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

It Coulda Been Worser (No, worser is not a real word)!

So today's WI yielded the results I expected, +.4 lbs. Boooooooooooooooooo! It coulda been WORSER (intentional bad grammar alert)!

Definition of worser :it is worser than worse but not badder than worstest
Used in a conversation:
Friend #1: That shirt is worser.
Friend #2: Worser is not a word.
Friend #1: Yea it is. Worser is better to use than badder right?

That concludes today's bad grammar lesson. Back to the subject at hand, today's WI. I believe contributors to the gain include two birthday celebrations, a lack of activity, spending countless hours on my laptop blogging, and sharing a free order of birthday fried ice cream at Ichibons. So, what now? Today's WW meeting topic, "Planning For Success" prepared me for the what now.

To kick the meeting off the leader asked the group, what do you plan for? I thought about it, and some of the things I plan for include the following:
  • College (for myself and kids)
  • Retirement (???)
  • Vacation

During summer, most of plan to take a vacation. In our vacation planning we take the time to extensively research the best lodging, malls, tourist attractions, and restaurants. We even go so far as to map out and print an itinerary. So, riddle me this Batman...why don't we take that approach with our weight loss efforts? I find that my week flows smoother when I take the time to plan ahead.

As our conversation progressed, the leader then posed the following questions:

Do we plan in Weight Watches? Answer: As Whitney Houston says "Hell to tha Yea!"

Okay, we established that we plan, so what do we plan?

  • Grocery shopping: Never show up at the grocery store without a list. Only buy the items on your list. Never arrive hungry. When I arrive hungry, I reach for the nearest crappy snack (e.g. hot Cheetos, chips, something salty, etc.) and eat while I shop. As a general rule of thumb, always shop the outer perimeter of the grocery store first. The outer perimeter provides healthier choices: diary, fruits, vegetables, whole grains and healthy proteins. The aisles contain mostly processed foods.

  • Menu: At the beginning of the week plan a menu and STICK TO IT! A menu will help you stay on track as far as budgeting and help you stay within your daily points target. For me planning a menu cuts down on those" Oh Yeah I Forget I Need This" trips to the grocery store during the middle of the week. At one point, I stopped by Wal-Mart or HEB 3 to 4 times a week on my way home from work, and the constant daily grocery stops ate into my after work activities (i.e. cleaning, cooking, exercise, etc).

  • Activity: Booooooooo! I'm still waiting for the "I LOVE TO WORKOUT" feeling to kick in. As far as activity, plan a specific time to workout and STICK TO IT! I need to follow my own advice. If you prefer to workout outside, prepare a back-up plan for inclement weather.

  • Event Survival (e.g. parties, pot-luck at work, celebrations): Plan ahead for celebrations by conserving points or dipping into your flex points. If I plan to attend a party or happy hour on a Friday, I usually workout at least 4 or 5 times during the week and I meticulously count my points.

  • Surprises: Let's say for example you plan to attend a, let's say scrap booking class at 6 PM, but your son calls to inform you that he stayed after school and he needs a ride. BUT, you can't pick him up until, let's say 5 PM. BUT, you still need to go to the craft store and, let's say purchase a "home" for you Cricut machine, AND you still have to go home and cook. Solutions: BACK UP DINNERS! My kids and I purchase 2 frozen meals for back-up in case of surprises. I am not a proponent for frozen meals, but it beats the driving thru.

True Story...At work, each month a specific grade level hosts the monthly employee birthday celebration. The librarian sends the celebration announcement ahead of time with the menu listed on the bottom of the invite. In May, the 4th grade teachers hosted the birthday celebration, and the menu included tacos. Instead of eating the beef provided, I brought my own chicken breast. Lesson learned, if you know the menu ahead of time make adjustment to accommodate your weight loss efforts.

3 Steps of Success when planning for success:


  • Place labels on food indicating point values. For example, a serving size of brown rice equals 3 points. Using a sharpie, write a number 3 on the box in order to remember the point value.

  • Measure foods and bag them in Ziploc bags. Instead of sitting on the couch and eating out of the BIG bag of baked hot Cheetos, I measure and bag the suggested serving size.


  • If you plan to eat out, look up point values ahead of time on the internet. An excellent resource to use, Dotti's Weight Loss Zone.

  • Pack your breakfast and lunch at night to save time in the morning.

  • Plan a menu in order to track points ahead of time. Sometimes at night I track the food I plan to eat for the following day.


  • Life happens! While running errands carry snacks or 2 point bars in your purse or car to prevent unplanned trips through the drive thru.

  • Use the WW mobile application to look up nutrition info when unexpected foods cross your path.

  • If your the designated donut picker-upper, place the donuts in your trunk until you reach your destination. With the donuts in the trunk, you wont be tempted to nosh while driving.

Listen people, we all have the same amount of time. It's what you choose to do with it. I CHOOSE TO PLAN FOR SUCCESS! What do you choose?

Friday, June 26, 2009


Yes, like everyone else in this huge bloggosphere, I submit my tribute to MJ. The media referred to him as WACKO JACKO, but his level of talent and genius, undeniable. Say what you want, decade after decade people continue to immortalize Michael Jackson via dance and music.

SIDE NOTE: Say what you want...but not in my blog comments ( BE NICE!)! Bash MJ on your own blog.

Back to my tribute... Today man, woman, and child alike morn the loss of one of the greatest entertainers, and with that being said I pay homage to MJ by posting some of my fav vidjos (videos).
First up, my all time fav: THRILLER! OMG, I remember sitting and waiting for the video to premier. From start to finish, I sat memorized. Not scared, like some people (no names), but MEZ-MO-RIZED I tell ya. As a child, I spent countless hours in front of the television performing the Thriller choreography in sync with the dancers in the video. And til this day, I still dance the steps EVERY TIME the video airs. So yes, today I believe I performed Thriller about 4 or 5 times, maybe more. I lost count.

Next up, "Beat It." If my memory serves me correctly (which never happens), while on the Halos drill team we competed with a routine to MJ's "Beat It." In case your wondering, no the Halos did not place first. The Las Banditas, beat us with a routine to MJ's "PYT." Anyway...

Man, as I flashback, a Michael Jackson video about the highlight of my night! On vidjo debut night, myself as well as all of America eagerly awaited MJ's next short film masterpiece. MJ never failed to captivate audiences young and old, and the videos ALWAYS delivered. Case in point, "BAD" featuring Wesley Snipes. My favorite line, "You ain't bad you ain't nothing! You ain't nothing!"

Mike IS BAD! Not was...IS! How BAD is he you ask? So bad, that Congress paused for a moment of silence, and Jessie Jackson Jr. made a statement on the Congress floor. Who's Bad? MJ, that's who. So, bad celebrities, MANY celebrities, wanted a ride aboard the MJ train. Most if not all of MJ's vids featured an all-star cast. For those of you around my age (30 whatever), how many celebrities can you identify in the following videos:

O...and did I mention I know sign langage for the chorus of "We Are the World"? Leaned it in 6th grade.

Well, as I bring my tribute to a close, I must state, Michael Jackson will be missed and mourned by millions. Despite the fact the media marred MJ's reputation, MJ will live on forever through his fans, brilliant work, and lasting legacy. WE LOVE YOU MJ! WELL I DO!

More vidjos for your viewing pleasure:

Call Me Psychic!

I called it! My SYTYCD predictions rang true! So long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen, goodbye... Asuka and Jonathon. Not all!

So last nights result show recap according to MochaTrina:
  • Thoroughly enjoyed the sassy and sultry opening number. I found another song to add to my workout play list...Pitbull's "I Know You Want Me (Calle Ocho)."

  • Cat Deely deserves a fashion citation as well for donning that " come on shake ya body baby do the conga frock." She looked like a long lost member from Gloria Estefan's Miami Sound Machine.

  • Nigel stated the dancers dancing for their life appeared desperate, and I agree. The solos seemed rushed, crowded and jam packed with tricks and no dancing. Send them all home!

  • Guest dancers, The Rage Crew, performed one energetic number. During the number one of the crew members chunks one of the smaller boys across the stage, while another member waits to catch him. In my opinion those boys posses oodles and oodles of talent.

Well, I don't know about you, but I am pleased with last night's results. America got it RIGHT! From this point I plan to pick up the phone to vote for Ade and Melissa. So far, those two are my favs. Until next week...

Nobody cares if you can't dance well. Just get up and dance. ~Dave Barry

My future SYTYCD contestants:

My son, who refers to himself as BB Snake Eyes showing his stuff in a battle:

My other son who calls himself BB Miscellaneous:

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


SYTYCD (So You Think You Can Dance), my favorite show, debuted a few weeks ago. So far, I am so NOT invested in season 5. And this is coming from someone who attended the live show two years running. Not once have I felt compelled to pick up the phone and vote.

First, let's start with the opening number...Jonathon and Karla caught me napping. The hip hop numbers this year leave much to be desired. The choreographers ( i.e Napoleon and Tabitha, Shane Sparks, Dave Scott, etc.) rock, but the dancers fail to realize and execute the choreographer's vision. I need to see some hard hitting moves...BOOM KACK...BOOM KACK! What is BOOM KACK you ask? Laurie Ann Gibson, choreographer from the show Making the Band, popularized this dance term.

Vitolio and Asuka
I agree with Toni and Mary...not feeling them. The number held no excitement, and I love Mandy Moore's work (...remember the table dance with Neil and Sabra?) During Vitolio and Asuka's number, I walked away to plate my dinner. In my opinion, the couple merely danced the steps with very little emotion. I hope that Vitolio and Asuka heed Toni's warning, technique takes you o so far. If the duo survives tomorrow's elimination, both Asuka and Vitolio better dig deep to find the emotion their dance numbers sorely lack.

Ade and Melissa
Let the competition begin! you hear that? That is the sound of sizzle people! And did you see Melissa's dress? Seriously, when I reach my goal weight, I most definitely plan to rock a dress like THAT....where...probably on the street corner. Nevertheless, that dress killed it!

Brandon and Jeanette
Ummmm...mixed feelings for me. Brandon hit hard....BOOM KACK...BOOM KACK (okay... no more BOOM KACK.)! Maybe I failed to realize Dave Scott's vision of the hip-hop, rock thing. NEXT!

Kupono and Kayla
This elegant couple mesmerized me as they flowed across the stage with ease. Mary Murphy placed the dynamic duo on the HOT TAMALE TRAIN. I wouldn't go that far, but the number did not disappoint.

Evan and Randi
LOVED it, and I plan to add that song to my ipod. Music from SYTYCD inspires my workout play list quite often. Any who, I always look forward to a Mia Michael's routine, and this number delivered! Mia's quirky, cooky choreography complimented both Evan and Randi. and who can resist a booty routine? Hip hop or contemporary...booty is booty.

Jason and Caitlin
Passo Doble...more like Passo Don't-le. Jason and Caitlin's performance failed to live up to the powerful music. I sat on the couch waiting. For what, I do not know because IT (whatever it is) never happened. The wardrobe department deserves a fashion citation for the Princess Leia knock-off, Return of the Jedi costume, and for Jason's 1/2 naked Pirates of Penzance frock.

Phillip and Jeanine
Phillip bought a whole new meaning to the term assed out. He busted his trousers wide open! I thoroughly enjoyed this routine despite Phillip's lack of Broadway training. Jeanine more than made up for what Phillip lacked. Highlight...Phillip jumping over the couch. I sat on pins and needles awaiting the jump. When he cleared the couch I cheered. I even clapped at the end of this extremely entertaining number. BRAVO!

My prediction for the bottom 3:
  • Jonathon and Karla
  • Vitolia and Asuka
  • Jason and Caitlin
Front runners:
  • Ade and Melissa
  • Phillip and Jeanine
  • Evan and Randi
That's all I'm gonna say about that. Tune in tomorrow for the results show.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


OMG! I could not get on this computer fast enough to blog about today's shopping excursion. While shopping in Dillard's my mom runs across this jazzy teal shirt, and asked If I like it! I do. She hands it to me, and I proceed to the register with my mom's credit card. The following conversation ensues:

Saleslady: " might want to get a size up."

Me: *blank stare* *looking at the saleslady with a crazy look on my face*

Saleslady: "Yeah. Everyone who buys this buys the next size up."

Me: *still looking crazy* "I'm getting this one." (Thinking to myself: I ain't everyone. She got one mo' time to offer me shopping advice. One mo' time and it's ON up in herre!)
Saleslady: "You wanna try it on?"

Me: "No...I'm good."

Saleslady: "Okay. Is that all for you today?"

Me: (Resisting the urge to jump over the register, I dryly answer.) "Yes."
As soon as I arrived home, I ran up stairs and tried on the top. IN YO FACE SALESLADY!!!!!!!! THE SHIRT FIT AND I HAD SOME ROOM TO SPARE!!!! HOW YA LIKE ME NOW! !!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT!?

I seriously considered driving back to Dillard's and rubbing my victory in her face. But with these gas prices, she ain't worth it!

This shirt looks cuter in person. The picture fails to show the detail on the front of the shirt.
Man that burns me up, but I got 3 words for the sales lady, "IN YO FACE!!!!!"

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Note to self...Always attend the 7:00 AM Weight Watchers Meeting

So ONEderland evaded me, and I gained .6 lbs (not bad). A tad disappointed with the results but, I survived. To add insult to injury, I overslept today and attended a Weight Watchers meeting provided at a later time. After the meeting, I remembered why I avoid attending at this particular time.

When working with or participating in activities with groups of people, certain personalities emerge. Carl Jung referred to these "personalities," as personas or masks. Our personas, sometimes a defense mechanism, allows us to display very little vulnerability when moving in and out of relationships. Okay enough of the psychology lesson (I guess I did learn something in college).

Okay so what is the significance of my psychology rant? Certain personas at the WW meetings create an annoying and sometimes unbearable atmosphere:
  • The Weight Loss Expert (a.k.a The Know-It-All Member): Uhhh...newsflash...If you know everything already, then you wouldn't be gracing us with your presence at each and every meeting. This member attempts to out talk the leader and always provides her 2 cents, or in some cases 10 cents. I very much want to stand up and say,"Jesus, Mary, and Joseph...will you please shut.the.HELL.up."

  • The Chit Chatters: "Ummmmm...SHUT YOUR PIE HOLE!" These members hold sidebar conversation, often distracting other members. Today I observed the leader giving the talkers the "will you please shut the H-E-DOUBLE HOCKEY STICKS (LL) UP side glance." Talkers, if your comments pertain to the discussion, then by all means...share. If not, then again SHUT IT! Some of us take this weight loss challenge seriously, and I personally do not care that your child's other football cleat went AWOL.
  • The Unamusing Comedian: "You're not funny." This member's ill timed barbs border on annoying and sometimes asinine. I'm no Maya Rudolph or Tina Fey, but I know funny when I hear it. One of the members said it best, "Every silence does not have to be filled with the sound of your voice...or in this case horrific jokes."
  • The Starved Snacker: Okay...This member brings food to the meetings, and sometimes not so healthy food choices. Heeelllloooo...did you forget that you are attending a WW meeting? I see them with their Starbucks cups brimming with Double-Shot Iced Caramel Frappuccino® Blended White Chocolate Mocha Twist Vanilla Syrup Flavored Espresso Coffee concoctions (not an actual drink). The Starved Snacker's justification for such a delectable drink..."I did good this week, so I'm rewarding myself." Really? It's that type of thinking that fills WW meeting seats. Find another way to reward yourself people!
Lesson learned this week, get my butt up and attend an earlier meeting.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Next Stop...ONEderland (also a message to already fit and healthy people)!

Yeah I weigh 200 pounds...SO WHAT! I admit it! The truth will be revealed anyway on my guest stint weight loss reveal on Oprah, in my tell-all weight loss book, and in my many how'd-ya-do-it magazine interviews, which will be sold in various supermarkets within the contiguous United States. So, why not put it out there. I weigh 202 pounds, and I am 2 pounds away from ONEderland.
Which brings me to my next point. On my own, I decided the right time to begin this massive undertaking of losing weight. Attention fit and healthy people: overweight individuals know they are overweight (Well, some of us do. Not those that wear a size 20 but, buy a size 14.). If you noticed your friend or family member's sudden weight gain, a verbal confirmation is not needed nor required. Trust me... he or she knows. In due time, overweight individuals decide when the time is right to partake in their weight loss journey.

So with that being said, I leave the following guidelines for fit and healthy people to follow. Please do not offer the following to overweight friends or family (strangers too) unless otherwise asked:
  • weight loss advice

  • exercise tips

  • clothing stores you think I might like because you saw other big girls shopping there

  • recipes you deemed healthy

  • what you think I should order when we go out to eat

  • recommendations on exercise DVDs you saw on TV last night (by the way did anyone seen the Hip Hop Abs infomercial last night? That doesn't count because I'm not "fit and healthy" yet, so I can make recommendations.)

  • what you think I should wear ( one looks good in elastic pants or skorts. I can't believe skorts stil exist.)

  • Or tell me, "You have such a pretty face." (Thanks Sally for this addition to the list.

So, that completes my list for now. If you think of anything else, let me know. Additions to the list are welcome. Well, I weigh in on stop ONEderland.

Irritated Beyond Belief

I am so irritated about my non-working Internet and other crap. Not really in the mood to blog, so to the treadmill I go to work off some of this pent up aggression. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhh!
Status report-Internet still down. All systems go between the hours of 11 AM to 2 PM.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

MAN DOWN! I am currently experiencing technical difficulties with my internet...not surprised. So, stay tuned for many more witty and entertaining posts!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Fast Breakers!

I'm a busy blogger today! Click the link below to check out my breakfast post

and my burger post
Also, read the post below...A goal without a plan is a wish. Please leave comments when stopping by. You can leave comments even if you do not have a blogger account. Thanks for your continued support.

A goal without a plan is just a wish...

A goal without a plan is just a wish...Wishful I just wishing to lose weight or do I want to lose weight? for thought. As of late, it seems I consistently find myself in a slump. The cause of this slump...3 measly pounds. For the last 2 months, the same 3 pounds continue to toy with my weight loss efforts as well as my motivation. Luckily, the WW leader expounded on the subject of motivation 2 weeks ago.

Fellow bloggers, let me ask you this: When do you lose motivation? I recently discovered my motivation wanes after I experience weight loss success. When I lose big, a cocky attitude emerges, and I say to myself, "T, you got this!"

So what happens? I start relaxing new behaviors associated with my new lifestyle changes and I slowly begin to revert back to the negative behaviors that contributed to my obesity. Food begins to distract me, and I start eating more and moving away from all things healthy (i.e. exercise, appropriate food choice, portion control, etc.)

Now what? I must determine what needs to happen NOW and what I really want! I know for sure that I want to MOVE FORWARD, and like the post title states, I need a plan. Without a plan I continue wasting my time with wishful thinking. My next plan of action involves going back to the beginning and revisiting the successful periods of my weight loss journey.

To move forward I asked myself the following questions: How did or do I feel when motivated? Answer: Empowered.

For example, During the height of one of my all time motivated moments, I met a few friends at Pappadeaux's for dinner. Prior to my arrival, I ate sushi and drank water. My friends ordered dinner and I sat there content with a belly full of spicy tuna rolls. They gobbled their stroke inducing dinner, we parted ways, and I scurried away to pick up my son from a dance at school. I done good...I done real good (intentional bad grammar)!

Example #2, for Valentine's Day 2009, the students made ice cream sundaes: waffle cones, ice cream (strawberry, vanilla, chocolate), syrup ( caramel, chocolate, strawberry), nuts, and sprinkles. So, faced with the sugary temptation of ice cream sundaes I decided to bring a WW cup of ice cream. I added a few nuts, a squirt of chocolate syrup, and a dollop of whipped cream. I controlled the situation...thus eliciting a feeling of pure empowerment!!!!!!!!

Next question: What did I do in the beginning of my weight loss journey to ensure success? Answer: Experienced new and different things.

Each week I purchased a food or beverage item new to me (e.g. veggie Italian sausage, vegan cheese, kale, soy milk...yuck, etc.). I attempted new recipes, and at times created recipes myself. I shopped at new grocery stores, like Whole Foods and Central Market. In regards to exercise, I downloaded unusual and exotic music to spice up my workouts: The Teenagers, Vitamin String Quartet, Interpol, Calvin Harris, The Postal Service, Enur, just to name a few. moving forward, I determined that I must revert back to the behaviors and habits associated with the beginning of my journey. My plan includes the following:

  • Making appropriate food choices
  • Controlling portions
  • Consistently exercising
  • Maintaining a daily food journal
  • Taking care of me
  • Experiencing new foods, beverages, and activity

From previous experience, when I work the plan, the plan works for me. So, from this point I move forward with purpose. The "freestyle-take-a-chance-winging it" plan is no longer acceptable! I must keep in mind...a goal without a plan is just a wish. Fellow bloggers I leave you with this...

"If you fail to plan, you plan to fail!"

Saturday, June 13, 2009

It's that time AGAIN...Victory Robot Time!

I previously posted this video in March when I hit my 10% milestone and lost 20 pounds. Well, drum roll, my grand total of pounds lost...........25.8! So once again, I present my victory robot. For more history on the conception of the "Victory Robot," click the link below:

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I Created My Own Salad Dressing! not ask for a recipe. I made the dressing to taste using the following ingredients: EVOO, white cooking wine, and apple cider vinegar. Yum! I started with the 1 tsp. EVOO as my base, and then I continued to add the cooking wine and vinegar until I reached maximum taste bud satisfaction. I viewed a variety of tasty salad dressing recipes online, but I either lacked the ingredients or the time to make the various dressings. So, saying all that to say, sometimes a tasty recipe ready to be discovered lurks within your pantry or fridge.

I also mixed whipped cream cheese and HEB's roasted salsa together to create a scrumptious spread for my homemade pita chips.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

HYC-Weekly Update...Week?

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Well...I guess...week 3...IDK? So, last week no loss. I experienced a .6 gain. However, the week before last, I lost 2.6. I need to keep a more detailed journal. A journal provides the opportunity for me to revisit successful weeks. I must get back on my grind, and the summer gives me the perfect chance to get back on track...yet again.

To-Do List:
  1. Look in the mirror.
  2. Smile.
  3. Say something positive: You CAN and you WILL win this weight loss tug-o-war. I may have lost a few battles but I WILL WIN the war.

"Napoleon! Make Yourself a DANG Quesa-dilla!"

My blog of my many favorite quotes from the movie Napoleon Dynamite. Without further adieu my dang quesa-dilla: 2 whole wheat tortillas, 1 farm fresh egg and one egg white, 2 slices Morning Star veggie bacon, 1/8 c shredded Mexican cheese, a ramekin of salsa from HEB, and 1 small apple.

Monday, June 1, 2009

NO DOUBT about it....2 hours of dancing NON-STOP!

My son and I attended the No Doubt Reunion Tour last night. From the time No Doubt took the stage, I danced, thrashed about, and jumped up and down and up and down for 2 hours. Believe you me, I burned the calories from the $12 daiquiri I purchased. No Doubt performed all my faves and then some: Spiderwebs, Just A Girl, Sunday Morning, Ex-Girlfriend, New, Running, Rock Steady...should I go on...Excuse Me Mister, It's My Life, Underneath It All, Bathwater...AND MORE...YES MORE!

The concert as well as other weekend activities impeded my workout schedule, but my 2 hour No Doubt workout sufficed.

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