Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Weight Loss Motivation... 7 Reasons Why I'm Still Wearing a DAMN Size 14!

Alright already, I need to get this party started and stop dragging my dayum feet. At this point in the weight loss game, size 10s or 8s should be hanging in my closet! I know what I need to do, but my brain and my stomach continue to battle for control! To help myself get it together I composed the following list of reasons why the size 10s still elude ME:

When experiencing a bad date, make the best of it. And you do that by spending your dates money. And spending your dates money translates into A LOT of drinks in hopes that you erase the bad date from your memory. But we all know that alcohol consists of a bunch of empty calories, and it interferes with weight loss efforts. Alcohol pretty much negates all of your hard work.

Lately I seem to  think with my nose, rather than my brain...which in turn leads to the infamous "My-Eyes-Are-Bigger-Than-My-Stomach-Syndrome!" Less is more...less IS more!

On every corner I see legalized crack-houses, also referred to as a fast-food restaurants. *If you follow my blog, you already know...I ALWAYS compare my food addiction to drug addiction.  Daily, the lure of local fast-food eateries entice me. I try to stay strong, and I often look to Hungry (who sits on top of my rear view mirror)  for support.

Before I know it, reason #2 listed above occurs, and strangely enough, I find my car being pulled into the drive-thru by some unexplained gravitational force...its baffling!

And when I falter, I find Hungry looking on with disdain and disappointment. And I...well I just  ignore Hungry and enjoy my drug of choice:-(


Do you suffer from LSD?  LSD develops from being OVER IT!
Definition of over it: to want nothing to do with it; to not want to hear about it, see it, deal with it. NOTHING!!...OVER IT!


  • EATING OUT  at legalized crack-houses (see #3) instead of COOKING HEALTHY MEALS
  • IGNORING  food and beverage TRACKING responsibilities
  • FAILING to plan weekly menu
  • SKIPPING weekly grocery shopping excursions, which leads to more eating out.
  • MISSING Weight Watchers meetings
  • Fast food containers in your trash can, as well as fast food receipts exploding from your purse
  • Fridge and pantry bursting with processed and packaged crap
  • Dents in your couch and bed from excessive napping
  • Attend weekly Weight Watchers meetings
  • Motivate my self with before/after mugshots
  • Blog regularly (or try to...)
 More often that I'd like, my LSD flares up and prevents me from staying on track.

I often refer to the stressed out periods of my life as vacations (or in some cases staycations) to hell.  Getting to the point...as some of you know, I teach.  Well this year, I taught 1st grade for the first time. And this year, I went to hell and back and then back again. AND THEN, one time the DEVIL himself picked me up and we went around the block a few more times during my staycation in hell this school year.

Needless to say, the stress eating caused my weight to yo-yo up and down. I played with the same  5 lbs for several months, pretty much the whole school year.

 The insurmountable amount of stress I experienced this year resulted in many sleepless nights.  Some nights I stayed up watching movies on Netflix, talking on the phone, or surfing the net. According to the experts, a lack of sleep leads to a rise in Cortisol levels. High Cortisol levels causes me to crave salty french fries and other junk food high in calories. For those nights when I need to get to sleep I use the Ambiance App.

So, there you have it, 7 REASONS WHY I'M STILL WEARING A @#$%& SIZE 14! Really and truly, the number #1 reason...ME! I must NOT want THIS bad enough! What happened to my drive and determination?


  1. First off I luv your new look! Great overhaul! :)

    Secondly I wish we lived closer... Lol you crack me up & I know we would be grist real life friends :)

    Last...well I know you got what it takes to get your ass in those 10's! You can do it girlie! :)

  2. I know you've heard this all before but apparently you need someone else to say it! :D

    Sounds like you gotta get a bit more strict with yourself, Trina!

    Clear out the pantry- you're just torturing yourself!

    Limit the fast food to once a week and plan to make it count!

    And where th F@#K is the reward? You gotta celebrate the loss with something! For me- I got 3 lbs left until I get to go kayaking (which I love, but hardly get to do.)

    Motivation sure doesn't show up out fo thin air, you have to create it! Clothes? CDs? New Pots and pans? You decide! JUST DO IT already!

  3. We are both on the same page... But I am slowly getting my mind wrapped around the fact that I have to do something... soon. This was my first year teaching and just the thought of going back in two weeks makes me wanna crawl in a hole and hide. I am tired just thinking about it.

    We can both do this... and we will!

  4. Seems like you have one of the hardest part figured out already. You already know what keeping you from losing the weight (you aren't making excuses) Now its time to do something about it. Drink on a date will kill your calorie consumption. You need to find better dates.

    Waist Hips and Thighs

  5. Really love the new blog design!

    I think it is great that you take a step back and realize what is holding you back from moving forward. Not a lot of people do that and play the blame game.

    Keep plugging away, sister!

  6. Recently found your blog and it has been a great motivator. this post is so on point...I just started to get serious on my weight loss journey so have these "reasons" will surely help me along! Alcohol is a big one for me, but I have resovled to continue having my cocktails in moderation as long as I burn a ton of calories beforehand...a girl has to have her cocktails!

  7. GIrlfriend, you already know that you rock! You just have to be a tougher rock. =)

    Proud of you for seeing the problem areas and knowing that it's time to tackle them and TAKE THEM OUT!

    I agree with limiting the fast food to once (or even twice) a week, and try to make healthier choices there too and TRACK IT. If you made the decision to eat it them you need to own that decision. Writing that food down makes it less likely you will make that choice again, or at least prompt you to look for healthier options and see if there are any.

    Why do dates mean dinner and/or drinks? Picnic in the park, my lovely and bring your own food and meet him there. Then if the date is bad, you pack up your goodies and put them in your fridge (so you have an option besides fast food the next night) and go find a Zumba class or hit a dance club and dance off your frustration! He doesn't deserve an entire evening with your fine self no matter how much of his money you spend!

    You are gorgeous in your 14s, and you will be gorgeous when you are where you want to be!!

    I wish we lived closer too, so we could explore the different Zumba classes in my area together. I even found a bellydance class I'm thinking of trying!

    Very large hugs, my dear.
    YOU CAN DO IT! =) =)

  8. Your post had me cracking up! I can relate to all of these! Glad you have a plan to get back on track and get into those size 8's or 10's!

  9. You have a plan. You have the tools. Now GO!!! Go to a meeting! Step on that scale! Track! Move!

    You can certainly do it. DO IT!!!!

    and,uh, yeah. Alcohol is not your friend. Or mine for that matter. Especially margaritas. Seventy Billion points for one. Don't drink them.

  10. Found your blog through Jen at Just Foolin. I love it! You are funny, girl! And you put things I'm totally feeling in a great (and hysterical) way. Can't wait to keep reading!!

  11. Thanks for sharing and I relate..minus the dating, maybe if I had dates I'd have that on my list too, although I don't know that I'd be mad about that bullet point. :)

    well, that and alcohol...all the others hit my list.

    Keep doing it girl, you've done great.

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