Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Part 2...Pinky's Response

Before reading this post, click here to read part 1...Did you know there's a weight limit for kayaking?

Before I share my conversation with Pinky's, let me set the scenario for the email I sent. I pretended that I planned to bring a group of friends kayaking.  Going were two couples and my overweight friend. Not completely unheard of! That used to be me, the overweight friend...the 5th wheel! 

So, I emailed Pinky and the following conversation ensued:

I'm curious, how do you handle the weight limit issue? Your website says if one exceeds the weight limit, you can set the person up with a partner and a tandem kayak?

What do you tell the person your setting the overweight patron up with? When do you make the arrangements? I want to bring a group a friends, and this could be a potentially embarrassing situation for one of them. Thanks for your time.

Good morning Trina :-)

Thanks for your interest in our services and a great question. We have two types of Kayaks available a single and a tandem both with weight limits due to safety and the structural integrity of the kayaks...Oops! I am sorry Trina, I did not mean to bore you with the details, but in a nutshell it comes down to safety and making sure the kayaker is comfortable.

So usually what occurs is the overweight kayaker is paired with a lighter weight one, this can be done at the launch site discreetly. Or what typically happens is the overweight kayaker comes to the launch already paired up with one of their friends or family members, so there is no mention of weight at all since everything is decided ahead of time. Hopefully, this answers your question, but if you need further clarification or have any other questions please feel free to ask away.

Have a fantastic week :-)


I'm hoping that we can find a partner for my friend, but in the event that we don' mentioned that you pair the two discreetly. What exactly do you mean by discreetly? Do you just pull the two to the side? If we  don't find a partner can I email you ahead of time and let you know? Do we need to arrive ahead of time so the pairing can occur? Thanks on advance for your assistance! 

Hey there Trina,

What will likely occur is the following: Say we have a tour for 8 people. You guys show up with 5 people having reserved two tandems and a single and the other group of 3 reserved singles, well the overweight person will be paired with someone from your group since you guys reserved the tandems. So you will still have 2 tandems and 1 single. The others in the group of 3 people will not be affected, as they reserved 3 single kayaks. So if you are coming in as a group, we reserve the kayaks requested for that group. It would be much easier for you guys to figure it out ahead of time so that this will not be an issue. If we need to move people around we will, but it starts and stays mainly with your group, as it would be unfair to move someone expecting a single to a tandem. We hope this helps clarify the situation for you. Please let us know if we can help you out any further Trina.

Thanks again and have a great day!
He kinda answered my questions. BUT,  not really. What I want to know IS...

What if my hypothetical overweight friend shows up to the park without a partner? 

The moral to the story:
From me to you, I advise all overweight patrons to bring a partner or you may endure an unpleasant experience. 

You know what friends...2 years ago that weight loss restriction applied to ME! Fast forward two years later, I AM NOT THAT GIRL...not the 5th wheel...not the overweight mortified kayaker! 

My last statement reminded me of one of the best comments I have received in a while from Jane
Just found your blog and it's so funny! Love it. :) As for the kayak scenario...I was somewhere when i saw a "weight limit 200 lbs" sign (maybe a rickety old elevator in Paris?) and it felt SO good to say to myself "HA! I can ride this bitch now!!!" when I wouldn't have been able to a few months ago. :) the kayak I say...
As Jane so eloquently put it, "HA! I can ride that bitch NOW!"


  1. Interesting conversation. I've always checked weight limits on activities and even though they most likely wouldn't apply to me now, I still check. Sometimes I want to do things just because now I CAN. :)

  2. This post was hilarious, I hate people who avoid the question at hand. Just answer the question I asked you dammit!!!! Trina, this is a great victory to celebrate - TWO SNAPS DIVA!!!!!!

  3. ABSOLUTELY! You ride that bitch! =)


    (Just cause you can...)

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