Saturday, July 9, 2011

Blog Renovations

No new post today (well technically this qualifies as a new post)...just wanted to let you know I plan to continue my blog renovations! Thanks to all of you who commented on my new look! The credit goes to Jen, the creative force behind Just Foolin' Blog Designs

I visited Jen's blog the other day, and I saw quite a few familiar names in her queue. A queue?!? Yes, a queue!! When I purchased my design, I saw no queue! Ya'll better jump on the bandwagon before Jen blows up and forgets the little people:-)

So what renovations am I making? 
For starters, I decided to switch to the new blogger dashboard, which I discovered via Blogger Plugins.  The best thing about the dashboard...the STATS page.

Even though I appreciate the aesthetics of the new dashboard, I still sit here struggling trying to figure things out! It's well worth the trouble.

Currently I am working on my sidebar. The plan...make new pages for the information located on the sidebar. So stay tuned for new pages: progress pics, blogs I follow, FAQ, contact page, etc.  

As for the empty pages already created many eons ago...the plan...uh finish the empty pages. First about me page. I am ashamed to admit that I never created a decent about me page. All great bloggers provide a dazzling about me page to entice new readers.

Despite my self diagnosed ADD, I finished a couple of my self assigned tasks. Look to the right of the screen and you will see my new formspring icon (photo credit).
Now if you will, look to the top of the screen, and feast your eyes on my new favicon, which I painstakingly spent hours trying to change. In my opinion, favicons give your blog a lil extra bloggy bling that sets your blog apart from other blogs.

If you want to change yours, just goggle "How do I change my favicon?" Sorry for the vague instructions, but changing your favicon depends on a few factors (I think): Internet browsers, your pic, and your patience.

Moving On...
Many more task on my list of blog renovations STILL need to be completed. To help keep my ADD in check AND finish my tasks,  I created a renovations to-do list. Basically, I dug an old notebook from my drawer of incomplete, abandoned journals  I started but never finished.  

Besides my personal to-do list, I plan to participate AND FINISH the 31 Days to Build a Better Blog Challenge via the SITS girls.

So, all that I ask from my bloggy buddies...please bare with me. I needed to make these changes long ago, and my summer vacations seems like the perfect opportunity to do so! Here's hoping I finish my blog renovations before school starts in the fall (*fingers crossed*).

Do you have any suggestions or recommendation on how to build a winning blog? 

I interrupt the end of this post to inform you that I just added the option of receiving my posts via email. Carry on...

O, one more question...

What's a deal a blog deal breaker for you? What do you consider blog repellent?

Okay, so that was two questions:-)


  1. Now I'll have to do a fave icon. Its been a long time and I forgot we could actually do that :)

    I think your blog looks good, very unique, and I too, need to do an "about me" page. I am just starting to LIKE my blog pages - it took awhile to set up everything perfectly. But its fun.

    Ill be keeping up with your blog to see the changes :)

  2. Blog repellents for me are excessive ads, country themed blog designs -- checkerboards and roosters, illegible fonts, and when words on busy backgrounds clash so much you cant even read them. You are guilty of none of these things. I just found ur blog so I have no idea what it looked like pre-yesterday, but I love your header image :0) cant wait to see the finished product!

  3. I love the new look! I didn't know you took the SITS 30 Days Challenge! I did as well! I loved it!


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