Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Would you love a FABULOUS free personalized layout for your blog?

I already know the answer to that question! HELLS TO THE YES! If you want a free blog designs visit Miss Felicity Designs

If all goes well, I plan to ask Miss Felicity to design a blog layout for my mom's business, A. Marie's Cakes (shameless plug). 

Check out some of A. Marie's work:

See more of A. Marie's work on Facebook. Like A. Marie's Cakes!
Follow on twitter @AMariesCakes. Just announced...A. Marie's now provides mail-order cookies!
Don't forget to check out Miss Felicity for a free layout!


  1. Your mom's cakes and cookies are gorgeous!! If you can't plug your mommy then who?? I love it! I'll surely be placing an order for something!!

  2. Those cakes are beautiful...your mom has real talent. I'm def placing an order soon.

  3. Do we submit orders online? If so can you post a link? Thanks

  4. Those cakes are AMAZING! I’m thinking of what even I can use her for. work looks impeccable really!

  5. I'm in agreeance ( think that's a word) with the other ladies. The cakes are awesome! Kinda jealous of her talent!! and also, I think I will check miss felicity out. I just started my own blog and the design i chose was the least complicated for me to figure out. Thanks for the suggestion!

  6. OMG - Love those cakes!!! They are gorgeous!

  7. I want one of those cakes delivery directly to my food trap!! Pretty please?


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