Monday, July 11, 2011

Did you know there's a weight limit for kayaking?

OH EM GEE Y'ALL! For the past few days I experienced   Internet connectivity problems. The Internet issues frustrated me to no end, AND now I MUST  tweak my blogging schedule in order to maintain posting consistency.  

Originally,  I planned to churn out 3 post this weekend for next week. of right now, 3 post by the end of today...not gonna happen, especially with my self diagnosed ADD.

So...the other day I received a comment from C of The Evolution of Me. She basically put me on blast in regards to how I reward my weigh loss efforts:-)

Put on blast: to be called out for something, to put someone's personal business or secrets in the spotlight, to be told off in front of a lot of people.

Used in a sentence:
The Weight Watchers receptionist put me on blast. She told everyone my weigh in results! *not a true statement*

I appreciate C for putting me on blast. Her comment made me sit down and reevaluate my weight loss rewards system...or lack there of.

At the beginning of my weight loss adventure, I set small mini short term goals and rewarded myself upon completion. Examples of my mini goals included the following:
  • 5% weight loss
  • consistent tracking for a set number of days
  • working out a set number of days
  • 5 lb weight loss increments

In addition to rewarding my mini short term goals, I also celebrated my long term accomplishments:

As well as personal rewards I honored myself with, I also received tangible accolades from Weight Watchers.  *shameless WW plug* And one of the reasons why I love WW, (besides the fact that it works)...THE REWARDS. 

So yes, at the beginning of my weight loss adventure I did reward myself.

Truth be told...
I guess...some time ago I stopped rewarding myself. Well, not I guess...I did stop. Why you ask. Lack of funds. In the early days, simple rewards (e.g. mani, pedi, massage, new clothes, etc.) satisfied me. 
But now, those "simple" rewards seem so...mundane.  So..BEEN THERE, DONE THAT! So...I stopped rewarding myself. O, and those mundane rewards... they cost.

So where does my money go? Look folks, I am a single mother of two teenage boys trying to ball on a teacher's salary. Aside from trying to save money for a rainy day, I invest a considerable amount of my extra funds into my kids dancing talents! Check em out!

From experience, I know losing weight requires an abundance of determination and motivation. More often than not, my determination and motivation wane and leave me feeling discouraged and defeated...cue the REWARDS!

Weight loss requires a lifestyle change: eating habits, know the drill. And from experience, I also know you need A LOT of perseverance to maintain these new healthy lifestyle changes...cue the REWARDS!

Rewards help maintain  motivation and encourages you to keep your eyes on the prize! And as a teacher, I should know better. In the classroom, I sometimes utilize rewards to motivate my students academically and behaviorally. So again, why did I stop rewarding my efforts? Lack of funds!

The rewards I want cost! For the longest time, I allowed my weight to limit my life experiences. Well, now I want to have fun, and I want to reward myself with adventurous escapades: rock climbing,  spa day, tennis lessons, kayaking, etc.

I know what y'all are thinking. But Trina, so many free and fun rewards exist. Okay, like what? Help me out here!

Well ladies and gentlemen, I think I found a way to help myself afford these adventurous escapades...GROUPON and Living Social. I downloaded the Groupon app to my phone a few weeks ago, and daily I receive a Groupon alert. In addition to Groupon, I also receive daily emails from Living Social. 

Getting to the topic at hand...the other day I received a kayaking deal from Groupon. I investigated the deal, which led me to the website...Pinky's Kayak Rentals. As I perused Pinky's page I ran across the age and weight restrictions information. 
Did you know there's a kayaking weight restriction? 225 lbs. for single kayaks and 400 lbs. for tandem kayaks.  The thought of a weight limit never occurred to me.

After I finished browsing though Pinky's site I thought to myself, how might a weight loss restriction conversation  play out? Here's my version of an otherwise potentially embarrassing moment.

Guide: Okay, so raise your hand if you exceed the 225 lb. weight limit.

Mortified Patron: *reluctantly raises hand* 

Guide: Alrighty then. Let's see. YOU! *guide points to unsuspecting bystander*

Unsuspecting Bystander: Me?

Guide: Yes, YOU! I need you to partner up with HER!

Unsuspecting Bystander: WHY?

Guide: SHE exceeds the 225 lb kayak weight limit, so it's your lucky day! 

Mortified Patron: *walks away humiliated*

Seriously, I wonder how the kayak guides deal with the weight limit situation? "they" say, curiosity killed the cat. Sooo...I emailed Pinky and asked.

...waiting with baited breath.

...still waiting for Pinky to respond.

Stay tuned for part 2 of this post...Pinky's response.

Before I wrap up this post I want to thank C for putting me on blast.  I plan to set in motion a new and improved reward system. Maybe my new system will jump-start my recently stalled weight loss.

For now, I need you to do me a favor and help me out. Do you reward your weight loss efforts? How often? Please leave me some examples of your rewards.  Thanks in advance!

By the way, I passed up the kayak's not in my budget. Maybe next time.


  1. your imagined kayak guide scenario is too funny! Maybe it's like skiing and it's a line to fill in on your release form? They do make kayaks for many many weight ranges, but that place probably only has one or two types. Due to some physics type things (maybe the Archimedes principle??) you can't put a 300 lb person in the same boat you'd use for a 100 lb person. But boats for both of those people exist, perhaps just not at that rental place. (When people review kayaks they often note how tall and heavy they are in their review since a 6' tall 250 lb man and a 5'0 120lb woman will not think the same boat is comfortable or manageable!)

  2. Just found your blog and it's so funny! Love it. :) As for the kayak scenario...I was somewhere when i saw a "weight limit 200 lbs" sign (maybe a rickety old elevator in Paris?) and it felt SO good to say to myself "HA! I can ride this bitch now!!!" when I wouldn't have been able to a few months ago. :)

  3. Rewards, yes, but mine are typically race attire awards or running shoes. A good thing to do is if you have a local thrift store, keep it thrifty. Go find some super cute stuff to put together or make into something cute to wear and it's still inexpensive and fun too. ;)

  4. LOL you're so funny!! I am supposed to be doing this but due to some serious lack of funds, I haven't been. But I originally planned to reward myself with $10 for every week I stayed on track with weight watchers and put it away for a real treat. However, I'm terrible with money and haven't been doing it lol but it's an idea for you!

    Your kayaking story was too funny. Looking forward to her response!!


  5. Love your blog! Whats the exact name (I see its Polar) of your heart rate monitor? It looks like it also tells you the amount of calories you burn? I want to get one asap! Thanks!!!

  6. Hmm....I do rewards. Not as many as I did in the beginning, though, for the same reason. Lack of disposable funds. We have funds, but they're already earmarked for college tuition(s) and high school tuition(s). And repairs to the house. Oh, and food to feed the teens who still live at home. Lots and lots of food.

    My last reward was a new bike helmet when I hit 60 pounds gone, because my old one was broken. Literally broken, as in quasi-adult daughter wore it mountain biking and crashed into a tree. Her head is fine, my helmet got cracked open. (Yes! Helmets work! Wear one!)

  7. Hello, I am new to your blog today... but I think it is great! This reward thing sound logical but expensive. I will need to think about how I can reward myself(for meeting goals)too.

  8. :-)
    I had planned on rewarding myself when I hit certain goals...but the entire time I was buying and spending so yeah that didn’t happen.
    Plus when I put on some too big clothes or got a dress that was smaller than the a way that REALLY felt like a reward to me. Does that make sense?

    HOWEVER, I told myself once I hit my Ultimate Goal and stay there for OVER a month I’m going on a serious shopping spree.

    My suggestion would be to save up…..and get something really grand …something you REALLY want.

  9. I absolutely love your blog! It is fun...colorful...and informative! I will definitely be follow you in your weight loss adventures :)

    My blog is

    You should check mine out and follow me as well. We can do this!! :)

  10. Wow, lots of food for thought here. I used to reward myself, but haven't for...maybe a year now? Seriously thinking maybe I'll re-think that!

  11. You are so funny! I would probably lie at the kayak place and say oh no, I just have small bones and look much fatter than I am, I weighin at 125.....then I'd sink.

    Ima Bovine

  12. Hi! Just came across your blog as I was looking for others who were blogging about their health/weight loss/fitness experiences ... I've recently started blogging about my fitness journey too ... Loved your kayaking story!

    Rewards are a great idea, but you're right, they can get costly. One thing to do is put some money away to save up for a big reward - something really worthwhile.


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