Wednesday, July 20, 2011

To the Winner Goes the Spoils...Weight Loss Rewards

So, let me first start by saying, the blogging community let me down a little bit. I blog for me, not for the comments. However, I asked for feedback a.k.a comments in my post titled, Did You Know There's a Weight Limit For Kayaking? I just wanted some ideas in regards to how you reward your weight loss efforts. 

The thing that chapped my hide...I received over 100 views for that particular post, but only 12 comments. Baffling. I took my comment temper-tantrum to Twitter and a few fellow tweeps responded with reasons why they do or do not comment. 

One response, which made total sense, blog readers comment when they can contribute positively to the conversation at hand. And I respect that. Like my momma always says, "If you don't have nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all!" 

Well...a few people left some nice comments about weight loss rewards, which I found helpful:
  • To cut cost, Mesha from Potter's Clay suggested that I  keep my rewards thrifty by visiting my local thrift store. Great Idea Mesha! Check out my new purse from a local thrift store.
You like? With these hard times, I am becoming a quite the recessionista.
"I am supposed to be doing this but due to some serious lack of funds, I haven't been. But I originally planned to reward myself with $10 for every week I stayed on track with weight watchers and put it away for a real treat."
A couple of other bloggers, Ro and Plum Petals also offered a similar idea of saving up for a big reward. 

I think in the mean time I will stick with the plan of rewarding myself with a small token for every 5 lbs lost, and I will save up for  a big reward when I accomplish huge milestones: reaching a certain size, 75 lb loss, 100 lb loss, etc. 

Speaking of big mom and I went shopping for my 20th high school reunion dress. After hours of grueling shopping, we finally found a dress! And here it is!!
Awww come on...did you honestly thing I would revel my reunion dress? Really? In due time my due time. 

My mom purchased  the dress for me. While at the register, she says, "That's your reward." Reward for what you ask? For being the most fabulous daughter in the world...ummm...heeelllooo! 


  1. Hiya, I am a lurker but I wanted to share my little thing that I am planning for my reward. I have always wanted to do a black/white photo shoot, but either nude or just my shadow. Luckliy for me I have a great photographer friend who does amazing nudes and underwear photos. So I asked him, if I get down to my perfect weight will he take my shots (also, I know a painter that does nude female paintings - so I may do either or both) that's really what I want to do. Its such a rewarding thing for me, because its the ultimate sensual, sexy, confident celebration I can have for myself. As well as long lasting, not to mention motivating ( I mean I would hang my picture up some place prominent, so I could see it everyday) that would surely keep me on track as well as remind me of how far I have come. Its a bit strange, but its one thing I have always wanted to do.

    Anyways, good luck with reaching your goal.

  2. Hey girlfriend heeeeyyyy!!! I need to come to your city to thrift, our thrift stores suck - like really. How many mousy Amish people live in Columbia? If I go to Goodwill and see another pair of acid wash mommy jeans, I'm going to scream. I totally feel you on the comment thing. I don't even look at my page view stats - I really just appreciate everyone who takes time to read a piece of my life. BTW, your mom rocks!!! My mommy is the same way - can you say fortunate?!?! Tell mom-dukes to start a cake blog, I can't wait to see some of her new creations!!

  3. That's a great idea from Mesha! I think you've got a good reward plan set.
    Can't wait to see your reunion dress - how exciting!! Lovely of your mom to give you a treat :)

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  5. The best advice I was given as a blogger - from a major one, was to appreciate the views as well as the comments. You have an awesome blog here and in no way should let the ratio of comments/views bum you out. I think with the nature of the internet and the plethora of sites people follow these days, it can be overwhelming to have a response to everything.

    But, I can't wait to see that dress, though. I love White House/Black Market!!!

  6. I apologize, my dear, for not commenting more often. I am in and out and get behind on my favorite blogs some times. I also tend to not comment if I don't have anything truly helpful to say!

    I love your blog though...your honesty and your spirit and your determination. =)
    And I know you will rock that dress!!!

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  8. I always comment.. pretty much 90% of what i read.
    Particularly if I like the post or follow the blog.
    I feel that if you follow a blog then bother to open their posts, you should comment with your thoughts on their post. A simple : I like your outfit/opinion/layout, or something like that doesn't go appreciated in my opinion. :D

    i'd reward myself with clothing hauls and a hair cut, dye, new artwork for your place, a photoshoot or something like that, anything to make you feel accomplished.



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