Thursday, October 22, 2009

Don't Rain On My Parade

Now I know why I ate myself into a comatose state last week...TOM!

I need to keep better track of my TOM. But you know what? My Linda Blair Exorcist head spinning impersonations last week should have tipped me off to TOM's arrival.

I think blackberry sells an application that keeps track of your monthly cycle, and it looks like I may need to invest. My cycle brings with it this overwhelming urge to eat and eat and eat for no reason, and eating without knowing why takes a toll on my motivation and momentum. In my opinion, keeping better track of TOM's arrival may allow me to plan and prepare in order to keep my hormonal hunger at bay. Eating like a maniac makes me feel out-of-control, and I worry about old habits resurfacing.

I feel better now knowing that the Gordita, the Halloween candy, the fries I stole from my children, the decadent brownie (I sometimes daydream about), and all that other crap I inhaled resulted from my little friend. I hope TOM vamooses by my weigh in this Saturday, but I doubt it. My last weigh in revealed .8 separates me from losing 40 lbs, and TOM better not rain on my parade at this Saturday's weigh in.


  1. Me too, girl! I eat like a crazy maniac and I simply cannot get enough chocolate! It helps if I keep 1 point chocolate pudding or fudge bars for that time. Last week (my TOM) one night I ate a cookie, a whole bag of caramel corn (10 pts) and a bunch of other crap. I didn't go over my points. I just let myself have a full day of junk food-no veggies, no meat-just crap. But it helped get it out of my system and I stayed within my points.

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog and following me! I soooo appreciate the support! Sounds like we got a lot in common. Nice to know someone else can relate to my story. :-)

    Now about that TOM. That's what happened to me last week. It seemed like I wanted to eat everything in sight. It's like I had a tapeworm or something, lol!! Hang in there girl.. Oh and this weekend I plan to post some recipes and one is for easy double chocolate brownies, so stay tuned. That way you can eat two or three brownies and not feel guilty, LOL!!
    Anyway, I love your blog!! It inspired me to change my background. Thanks!

  3. I don't appreciate putting that scarey picture know I am a punk when it comes to stuff like that. When tha Paranormal Activity preview comes on...I turn the channel and turn on the lights!


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