Tuesday, October 6, 2009


I sat down at my laptop to write a post about the photograph that represents my last straw. Everyone owns a last straw photo which causes you to make a life defining choice to stop crying like a lil' girl and get healthy. As I continue typing, my eyelids feel heavier and heavier with each blink. I ain't gonna make y'all. So, I must postpone my last straw piece and keep this post short but sweet.

Well first and foremost...my weigh in. I got three words for you...WTH! I gained +2 pounds this week. But you know what? I tell you what...no need to talk about the gain...moving on! So, why so tired you ask? I shall tell you why...dating, or as I call it working! Dating sounds like fun, but dating takes a lot of work! I consider dating an Olympic sport, and this weekend I took home the GOLD!

1 comment:

  1. Gold metal in Dating? So, did u snag a winner? lol :)


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