Tuesday, October 13, 2009

For Lil Ol' Me?

A big shout out to fashionista extraordinaire, God's Favorite Shoes for honoring lil ol' me with the Honest Scrap award. I often venture over to GFS' blog to discover what new frugal fashion finds she unearths at local resale shops. Truth be told, she happened upon an Alexander McQueen skirt for a grand total of $4 dollars. YES $4! That's the stuff fashion urban legends are made of.

Okay, so I present to you...the rules:

  1. Say Thank and give a link to the presenter of the award.
  2. Share “10 Honest Things” about myself.
  3. Present this award to 7 others whose blogs I find brilliant in content and/or design, or those who have encouraged me.
  4. Tell those 7 people that they have been awarded the HONEST SCRAP award and inform them of these guidelines.

Without further adieu............

  1. My guilty pleasures: Wham! (yes wake me up before you go go Wham!), eating peanut butter from the jar (No one else eats the PB, so yes I double dip!), watching iCarly and Drake and Josh, dating gold-toothed(just one) tatted up guys with a dash of hood in them (...the total opposite of myself).

  2. My good friend Shentelle and I constantly toy with the idea of mixing a lil cream with the coffee. In layman's terms, dating outside our race. We complain about the shortage of men, but at the same time we limit ourselves to just dating black men. So now's the time to mix a lil non dairy creamer with a lil MochaTrina!

  3. Every Christmas my kids and I look forward to riding through the same hoity toity neighborhood looking at Christmas lights. After the viewing of light we mosey on over to Starbucks for hot cocoa and dessert. I want to create long lasting traditions that I hope my kids will pass on to their children.

  4. Often I put on high heel shoes and dance like a stripper (upstairs alone in my room of course). Sometimes when out with friends, we swing on stop signs downtown...yes as a stripper would.

  5. I struggle with my weight loss roller coaster on a daily basis. I just want to wake up cured.

  6. I always cry at the end of Beaches. I know the outcome of the story, but yet I cry like a lil baby. I wail at the end of Imitation of Life too.

  7. I am easily annoyed and short tempered. Take for instance: why do drivers rubberneck when they see a wreck? Do you plan to get out and help? Keep it moving people! Why do you self check your groceries at Wal-Mart when you plan to purchase over 30 items? People, please self check with 15 items or less. Why do you bring items to the register at Ross with no price tag? PLEASE bring the same or a like item. AND, why are you writing a check?

  8. Even though I teach and raise 2 boys of my own, I am really not a kid person. Nothing against children. It's more something against their parents. I rarely appreciate people that force me to look at photos of their children. Don't ask...don't tell I always say.

  9. My Mom says I am mean. And I am, but only when the situation calls for it.

  10. I am an only child who at times exhibits only child characteristics: selfishness, self- absorbtion , and super ultra competitiveness. But on the other hand I often display resourcefulness, independence, and self-reliance. O...I failed to mention my award winning outgoing personlity.
Hey? Can I get back to you on my 7 picks? Gotta run...my schedule is insane these days!


  1. LOL you crack me up! All of your answers made me laugh! Thanks for sharing!!! :)

  2. I enjoyed learning about you!

    1.Wham?! lol love it! And I do that with the pb, too.

    2.And I have to say that I am all for interracial dating. My family is a smorgasbord of colors and races. I am chicana, my mother married a German (from Germany) man when I was 8. I married a man who is 1/4 native american and 1/2 caucasian and 1/4 latino. My sisters have married Native American, and African American men (though they just say "black"). I think it's great. My kids don't understand color. They've grown up with all colors. I remember one day Big Girl asked me what "a black person" was, after learning about Martin Luther King and the civil rights movement at school.
    I think it's a good thing.

    I'm off my soapbox.

    3. Aw, that is so sweet. I need to start something like that.

    4. OK. I SO wish I had the huevos to do that. Or learn that. Or something like that. I'm too aware of my tummy roll.


    6. I know! I do, too!

    7. agree. agree. agree. adn I'll put my checkbook away. ; )

    8. lol. so should I cancel the 11x13 I was going to send to you?!

    9. love that story.

    10. How could you forget that award winning personality?!

    OK. This was so long. I'll refrain in the future from long comments...

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