Wednesday, October 28, 2009

How many points for chocolate covered larvae? many?

On Monday, my co-workers and I spent the day at the museum for a staff development opportunity. Imagine entire day at the museum instead of toiling around the dreary campus. Everyone experienced the planetarium, Animalopolis an IMAX feature, the exhibit halls, and the Cockrell Butterfly Center.

Can you find the katydid?

After exploring the Cockrell Butterfly Center, some of the staff, as well as myself decided to play Fear Factor and eat some chocolate covered insects. I indulged in the chocolate covered larvae pictured at the top of the post. The larvae reminded me of a Nestle's Crunch Bar, chocolaty, but yet crispy at the same time.

Sour Cream & Onion Crickets anyone? Or how bout we split a pack of BBQ Larvae...any takers?


  1. did you really eat that? ewww NASTY! lol

  2. You are a heckuva lot braver and adventurous than I!!!

  3. I couldn't imagine eating bugs! I'm not that adventurous! :-)


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