Saturday, October 24, 2009

LORDY, LORDY...Guess who lost FORTY?

40 is:
  • the number of weeks a woman is pregnant (That's if you know when you actually got pregnant...LOL.).

  • used by God to represent the period of testing or judgment (The period of time necessary to accomplish some major part of God's plan.).

  • the customary number of hours in a work week.
  • the number representing Ali Baba's thieves.

  • used in Michael Jackson's song "Billie Jean" on his Thriller album. "For forty days, and for forty nights, the law was on her side."

  • the size used for liquor, specifically a cheap malt liquor. On occasion, an individual may pour some of his 40 on the curb for one of his slain homies (I just had a Boys in the Hood that movie).

40 is the number of pounds removed from my body today. Well 41.4 to be exact! BAM!

Today's weigh in yielded a 2.2 loss.

Last week, a co-worker called me and proposed a novel idea. She suggested that myself, as well as 3 other teachers take turns bringing lunch for each other. So, in other words, I only worried about packing my lunch 2 days this week:
  • Monday: Salisbury Steak with Mashed Potatoes...7 points. I paired raw carrots with mine.
  • Tuesday: Chicken Tortilla Soup...4 points. I paired cucumbers with my portion.
  • Wednesday (my turn): My mom prepared Enchilasagna from Devin Alexander's cookbook The Most Decadent Diet Ever! 8 points for the entire portion, or 4 points for half. I devoured the entire portion. For my veggie serving I ate cucumbers.

  • Thursday: Taco Bake...not sure of the points, but I requested the recipe. I paired the taco bake with green beans.
  • Friday: Since only 4 of us agreed to this experiment, Friday we're on our own.
My only reservation about this lunch experiment...the lack of control. Although the ladies use Weight Watchers cookbooks to prepare the meals, I worry about the ingredients, specifically salt. Like I said this is an experiment, and we shall she what the results yield. But you must admit, it's a great idea with awesome benefits.


  1. Wohoo!! 41.4lbs, You Go Girl! It's so inspiring, thanks!

    Oh and your meals sound so yummy! Your like me, I like to eat real food and it's nice to know that you can eat real food(with moderations) in moderation and still lose weight.

    I saw that recipe in Devin's cookbook and have been dying to make it. I'll have to fit it in my menu planning soon. :-)

  2. BAM indeed! Love this post and congrats to you! Also loving the idea of switching off meals and sharing, but I doubt my co-workers would go for my typical spinach-fruit-chicken salad :)

  3. CONGRATS!!!

    And love the idea of taking turns to bring in lunch. Swap recipes and you guys will have more fun!

  4. Yeah, I have to be careful with salt too - instant bloat.

    Some good "food" for thought there about 40s.

    Happy SITS Day!!

  5. You are amazing!!!! Love reading about your journey!
    Happy SITS Day!

  6. Fun to read how your dropping your weight, good for you...Don't you wish it was as easy and quick to lose as it is us reading your journey?

  7. That is SOO awesome!

    40 pounds is my goal to lose this year by my husband's 30th birthday in June!

    It is my birthday present to him to become his "trophy wife" LOL! :-)

    Stopping by from SITS!

  8. Such a creative post. Congrats on the weight loss

  9. 40 lbs! that is an amazing accomplishment. keep up the good work!

  10. What a great idea! I love the idea of making lunch for each other.

    Wow! 40 is great!

    Stopping by from SITS!

  11. 41.4 You claim every single ounce girl! That is totally awesome! I like the idea of sharing the lunches, but I would have a hard time with lack of control too. Plus, what if I didn't like it???? Visiting from SITS and officially following!

  12. I've not seen that cookbook before. Thanks for the tip!

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