Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Arrrrrr! Ahoy Mateys! (NSV Alert)

Man o man, the weekends fly by so fast. As usual, planned activities and festivities monopolized my entire weekend. Saturday night my girlfriends and I celebrated Missy's birthday.

The birthday girl...Missy.

Group picture...that's me in the khaki shirt dress on the end.

NSV alert! I think June was the last time I partied with the ladies, so when I approached the table they whooped and hollered at my new and improved figure. The belt really helped to slim me down.

Sunday, I dropped the boys off at rehearsal and scooted down the freeway to Frankel's costume shop where I spent an arm and a leg and kidney on my Halloween costume. Don't worry, I will get my moneys worth because I received 3 Halloween party invites, and I plan to attend all 3. So without further adieu, I present to you, The Treasure Hunt Pirate. BAM!

I still need to purchase the boots and the fishnets. I pray that the fishnets hide the "cottage cheese" on the back of my thighs. Man on Halloween, I plan to rock the crap out of this little ensemble!


  1. You will look great in that outfit, judging by how fabulous you look in that dress (love the belt!).

  2. WHOA! HOT MAMA Halloween Costume! WHOO HOO! ;)

  3. Ah hell no! 3 invites? I better be invited to one! I have to wear my nurses outfit somewhere!

  4. Love the khaki dress and belt! Congrats! on the weight loss!

  5. CUTE!
    I love that costume.
    Do you have any idea where I can find a leotard?? I think I wanna go as Beyonce from the single ladies video..lol...Im trying to win the prize!

  6. By the way, That belt would be so FAB with your men's button down shirts...Also, wear this belt with your Black Turtleneck dress you thrifted....Yes black and brown does go together...

    Also, you can wear this belt differently...Turn the belt buckle to the back:)


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