Monday, October 19, 2009

What a CAT-astrophe!

At the end of the day last Friday, I thought to myself...

"If I eat one more thing today my stomach could possibly explode! I think, once I take the Browns to the Superbowl (I know...TMI), my stomach may consider forgiving me for the abuse."

Last week's exercise and healthy eating status in one word...CAT-astrophe!

The homemade Gordita and the brownies laden with oozing caramel contributed to my catastrophic week, but despite the Gordita, I managed to lose .6 this week and only .8 pounds separate me from my 40 pound goal.

Fellow bloggers, the most dangerous, as well as my favorite time of the year looms ahead. For me October kicks off the season of gluttony and the onslaught of food glorious food accompanied with each holiday celebration. It starts off innocent enough. One by one Halloween candy bowls begin popping up on the desk's of colleagues. As I walk by, the candy taunts and teases me, "Eat me." Before I know it my hand inadvertently takes a dive into the bowl.

Whether we want them to or not, the holidays inch closer and closer each day my friends. So, I MUST make every effort to focus and stop the madness NOW before things get out of hand. How you ask? Well for starters:
  • I avoid all areas with Halloween candy.

  • Today during a team planning meeting, a jar of candy stared me dead in my eyes, so I moved the jar behind two large containers. Out of sight...out of mind.

  • I calculated the point values for my favorite Halloween fun size candy. A bag of fun size M&M's, 2 points.

  • After a staff meeting last week (where bowls upon bowls of my favorite goodies sat on tables)I chose to leave the candy at work instead of throwing some goodies in my purse for an end-of-the-day-on-the-road-snack.

  • And most important, I plan to take care of my self (last week's WW meeting topic). Taking care of myself includes attending meetings weekly, eating wisely, and moving more.
Here's to a more productive and successful week.

Post Teaser: Wait until you see my Halloween costume. Details to be revealed in tomorrow's post.

1 comment:

  1. This time of year is so difficult and those temptations at work are a total pain - grrrr. Love how well you are handling it, yay!

    And next week will see you celebrating the big 4-oh!


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