Saturday, November 7, 2009

E - I - E - I - O No . . . My Birthday on the Farm!

So Wednesday, November 4th, I celebrated my 36th birthday. The day started with a birthday surprise from my Mom. I thought she decided to deliver some birthday treats, even though we never decided on a cookies or a cake. When she arrived she opened the backseat door and removed this skirt.
If you remember from my Halloween post my Mom made her own 50's inspired skirt. After seeing her skirt I requested a poodle skirt for our 50th Day of School Celebration. In honor of the 50th day of school, the Kinder team decided to pay  homage to the 50's...THANKS MOM! That's not the E-I-E-I-O no part.

After receiving my skirt, I dressed for work and departed looking forward to visiting Old Mac Donald's Farm, our first field trip of the year. The Kinder team decided to rock overalls for the excursion.

Here comes the E-I-E-I-O no part. First of all, one of the buses arrived late and our estimated time of departure changed from 8:30 A.M. to around 8:55 A.M. So, we hit the open road and found ourselves LOST! Yes, lost! Finally we arrived to the farm around 10:20 A.M. We lost an hour of fun.

SILVER LINING: When the students spotted the farm they cheered in delight. I think the students sensed our agitation as the bus drivers aimlessly wandered the freeways.

Upon arrival, yours truly looked forward to eating lunch, but we decided to let the students terrorize and feed the animals first. Then FINALLY, feeding time for the humans. While everyone else ran to the concession stand, I made this bad boy: sandwich thins with deli sliced roast beef, hoity toity mustard, and baked Cheetos.

So here's the E-I-E-I-O no...I feared for my life as I ate my sandwich while battling what seemed like a swarm of killer bees. No silver lining.

After two long hours we FINALLY boarded the bus to return to school. As we reached our final destination I noticed my throat felt scratchy and I got that E-I-E-I-O NO vibe again. I thought to myself...Self, that would suck more than anything to get sick on your birthday. By the time I packed my bag to go home, some nasty bug completed the invasion of my body.

SILVER LINING: I stayed home from work, sick I might add, and slept all day.

So needless to say ALL birthday celebrations remain canceled until my body resumes all natural functions, specifically, BREATHING: NO annual birthday dinner with my Mom and my boys, NO annual birthday happy hour with my girls, and NO dinner date with GIFGOW.

SILVER LINING: Me and GIFGOW celebrated his birthday Monday and I helped him eat this.

O, and I felt not one shred of remorse as I ate some of his dessert. And I still feel nothing. Perhaps I gained .8 this week thanks to this decadent delight. Who cares? Truth be told I would eat this again.

SILVER LINING: This .8 gain means nothing, compared to the NSV experienced at the doctor's office. Tune in to tomorrow's post for more details.


  1. Love the skirt.

    The overalls at the farm - adorable.
    Glad the kiddies had a great time.

    Congrats on bringing a healthy packed lunch.

    That chocolate desire on the a plate looked delish. I would've ate some too.

    Happy Belated Birthday.

    Hope the illness doesn't linger too long.

  2. happy belated you SPRING CHICKEN.

    are you on the mend now?

    back to healthy cakefree livin'? :)


  4. Love the skirt and so sorry to hear you were sick and missed out on the celebrations. Happy Belated Birthday and when your feeling better and DO get to celebrate! have a fab time! By the way...LOVE the Halloween costume! Can you say HOT? lol.........And I love your attitude about the .8! We still have to live and celebrate life!


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