Monday, November 9, 2009

I interrupt the regularly scheduled blog. . .

I know I promised to mention an NSV experienced at the doctor's office, but I rather tell you about a wonderful opportunity I received as a birthday gift (Thanks Mom). I received 3 Personal Fitness Instruction (PFI) sessions which include the following:
  • Overhead squat assessments
  • Postural analysis
  • Myofascial Release (Self massage of tight
    and sore muscles)
  • Introduction to Flexibility
  • Introduction to Power Plate training
  • Initial Total Body Workout
  • Body composition and measurements
  • Motivation and commitment strategies
  • Nutritional support
The PFI sessions allows the trainer to customize a safe and effective fitness program tailored specifically towards me and my wellness goals!

Equally exciting, the wellness center and spa offers a 12 week program for treating chronic illnesses or reducing the risk of serious health conditions, such as obesity/overweight. And check this out, my health insurance may cover the 12 week program! I plan to call first thing in the morn to schedule my PFI sessions and to inquire about the 12 week program!

It's about to be on like Donkey Kong!

On like Donkey Kong: meaning something is about to go down that you're pumped up for.


  1. ooohhhh - I am so excited for you! Prepared to be sore and LOVE IT!

  2. WOW...Thats a nice gift! :) ENJOY!

  3. Great Gift! and how great is that if your insurance may cover it!

  4. A VERY nice gift!
    and I am loving the definitions...LOL..they crack me up!


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