Thursday, November 5, 2009

Time to walk the PLANK!

As promised Halloween 2009. I present... ME... rocking my Treasure Pirate Wench ensemble! Be prepared to walk the plank...
My favorite part about the costume...THE BOOTS! More than likely those bad boys may make a second appearance next Halloween with a different color ribbon. And no,I chose not to wear a hat. Despite humidity and trick-or-treating with my son, I visited the most fantastic hair stylist in Houston, Missy. By the time I departed for my festivities my hair decided to go all willy-nilly on me.

For those of you who just started following, I often use slang when writing. And I usually provide the definition and how to use the word during a conversation.

willy nilly- All over the place in a random fashion.

bad boys (referring to the boots)-
Deliberately suggestive euphemistic reference to any multiple object whether accurately suggestive or not.

My mom decided to dress up too! She MADE THIS SKIRT! She dresses up every year to dole out candy to trick-or-treaters.

My youngest. When he commits to a character he really commits.

My home-girl God's Favorite Shoes. She wrote a very humorous piece about her Halloween adventure. I make a small guest appearance in the post.

While at the club (that shall remain nameless), I struggled in the extremely claustrophobic bathroom stall trying to pull up my fishnets without crashing head first into the stall door. At that very moment I started thinking....

42 pounds ago, I dared not consider wearing a Halloween costume, let alone one of this magnitude: fishnets, above the knee, AND a halter top. For whatever reason, the confined facilities triggered an epiphany. I allowed my size to dictate my lifestyle. In the past I remember avoiding certain activities due to my weight, and now that I think about it, I missed out on a lot. Now don't get me wrong I still avoid all events requiring a bathing suit. I may have lost 42 pounds, but I did not lose my mind. From this point forward, I chose to not let my weight hinder how I live my life!
Highlight of the night...The club closed at 2:00, or so we thought. When I jumped in the truck with GIFGOW , I noticed his truck's clock failed to match the time on my cell phone. Why you ask? TIME CHANGE! So you know what that means? ONE MORE HOUR OF PARTYING!

After a night of hijinks and shenanigans, Pancakes at IHOP... the cherry on top of the Halloween cake of adventures both GOOD and BAD!


  1. You look great in that costume...and your mom is so cute!!!

  2. Hijinks and Shenanigans! That should have been the name of my Halloween Bedtime Story!

    I had fun though...thanks for introducing me to the benefits of a single Patron shot:)

  3. Love the costume, you look great! Looks like you have a ball!!

  4. DAMN GIRL! You looked HOT! Whoo hoo! You were rocking that costume! Looks like you had a GREAT evening! :)

  5. Love the costume and your Mom's too. I love it when candy givers get dressed up for the kiddies.

    Looks like a night of fun was had, it was definately a beautiful night out in Houston. I'm not used to that here is WA.


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