Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Hard Pill To Swallow

Okay, so I mentioned a recent NSV I experienced at the doctor's office. Let me set the stage, so to speak...

So, week before last, the campus hosted a comprehensive health screening for $150 dollars, which my insurance covered 100%. Yes, 100%! At first I decided not to participate, but then the nurse sent an email explaining the benefits of the screening. And for me, the #1 benefit...NO OUT OF POCKET COST. The only drawback, no breakfast or food until after the screening. I loves me some breakfast y'all!

Before the nurse tied me off to draw blood from my all to willing veins, she took my blood pressure. Lo and behold, y'all my blood pressure was off the chain...169\90! Yes, you read that right! The nurse told me to contact my physician immediately and take care of my pressure.

Definition of off the chain: crazy, uncontrollable, nuts, insane in the membrane

A bit of history...
Unfortunately high blood pressure runs in the family. Around 6 years ago, I began to suspect the onset of the family curse, and my doctor and I started monitoring my blood pressure.

Okay, so getting to the NSV. I immediately made an appointment for the following day. I arrived at the doctor's office and went through the obligatory rigmarole. The nurse led me to the examining room and started rifling through my file. As I sat there freezing in the meat locker (Why is the doctor's office so cold? Are they freezing meat in the back?) As I was saying, as I sat there shivering the nurse continued to violently flip through the papers in my file. At this point, I started feeling slightly alarmed. My thoughts...WTH is she looking for?

Flip...flip...flip...flip! Finally she stopped, turned to face me, and the following conversation ensued:

Nurse: Ummmm...Are you Trina?

Me: (apprehensive) Ummm...yeah. I think soooooo. (not really sure who I am at this point...)

Nurse: Ummmm...Did you lose weight?

Me: (...wanting to say Hell to the Yeah) Yes I did! 42 pounds! How much did I weigh on my last visit?

Nurse: 231 (I now weigh 186.). WOW! HOW?

Me: Weight Watcher, watching what I eat, and trying to incorporate movement.

Nurse: WOW! I think I may join!! 42 pounds!!!

So, BAM...there it is, my doctor's office NSV. In short, the doctor prescribed Benicar. For me, taking medication for high blood pressure is a hard pill to swallow (not literally cause the pills are actually quite small).

I just thought taking preventive measures, such as losing weight might allow me to escape the family curse. But to no avail, here I sit with 3 free sample bottles of Benicar in my purse.

During my follow up EKG appointment today, my blood pressure read 118/20. In addition, I brought in the results from the screening...more dismal news. The doctor informed me of my Anemic status. But on the bright side, my cholesterol rocks!!! My overall cholesterol...131. BAM...take that high blood pressure!


  1. Oh, that's an AWESOME NSV! I'm so happy for you!!!

  2. Even though your on the blood pressure pills, I know it felt great when you realized how far you had come since your last visit! Unfortunately, some things are just hereditary and can't be avoided. It runs in my family as well so that's why I'm trying extra hard to get the weight off. I'm currently taking a fluid pill to control my blood pressure now, but if I don't lose the weight, I'm sure I will need more medicine. Congratulations girl on your weight loss! You constantly inspire me, that's why I'm about to put this cookie down, LOL!! Glad I came over to your blog on my break! You save me from those unhealthy calories! :-)

  3. Sorry about the blood pressure meds...but its good that they caught it!

    I love the NSV! Whoo hooo! :)

  4. Aren't you glad you decided to go to that initial screening? That is wonderful that you are doing so much for your health.

    I am new to fitness blogging and look forward to reading more of your posts.

  5. Excellent NSV! I have wondered the same thing about how cold the doctors off is.....I wonder how the heck they get an accurate temperature on a person?! lol Keep it up! I noticed how much different you look in your before/after head shots! Great job!

  6. I just came across your blog. I read some of your past posts and really enjoyed them!

    I too am on a journey to lose weight, but I am trying to lose a total of 212 pounds!! I have high blood pressure and have to take meds, as well. I take Benicar along with Atenenol. I've lost 37.75 pounds so far, but have a LONG way to go!

    I agree about the Dr's office. How do the people working in there stand it?

    I look forward to keeping up with you or stalking you whichever it maybe! :)

  7. Better they caught it now and you can get on top of it! Love you blog.


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