Monday, November 2, 2009

Bare with me...or is it bear with me...

Either way...I appreciate all of the support and encouragement provided by those of you leaving comments and following, despite my lack of posting. I plan to post at least 3 times a week, but sometimes my life gets plenty busy and i barely eek out one post.

Well this week, I turn 36, on Wednesday, November 4th, and plan to celebrate...pretty much everyday (except Wednesday when I attend school. Boooooo!). Saying all that to say my posts this week may be few and far in between as well.

Oooooo, before I go, let me tell ya about my unsuspecting NSV (Non Scale Victory) I received today. Two of the Special Education coordinators walked into my room this morning to check on me, the students, and school year thus far. One of the ladies asked if I lost weight. With a mouth full of banana I shook my head and then replied, "42 pounds as of last Saturday!"

That's right y'all, I experienced a small loss of .6 last week for a grand total of 42. Well I must skedaddle now. I wanted to use my little bit of extra time to drop a line. And you MUST RETURN for my next post featuring me in my Hottie Pirate costume. The only thing I have to say is...I wish I could wear a petticoat and laced up boots EVERYDAY!


  1. Hey girl! We understand life gets overly busy! I especially understand because we have such similar stories. If we weren't similar enough, I will be 36 next May! so we are pretty much almost the same age, LOL.. I hope you have a Great Birthday! and try to do a little partying for me, LOL!!

    Oh, I can't wait to see your costume pictures.

  2. 42 lbs is great. Yay for the NSV. Sometimes they're the best.


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