Sunday, July 19, 2009

Clean Up in Aisle #5!

As I Tokyo drifted (reference from the movie Fast and Furious Tokyo Drift) through the a sea of tables displaying decadent pastries at HEB, I lost control of my grocery cart and careened into a table knocking three angel food cakes to the floor. I thought to myself, "Self. Where's the camera? Where's the camera?"

Me So Hongryism #1: ALWAYS carry your camera (and I usually carry my camera in my purse)!

I thought about a hit and run, but as the cakes hit the floor many shoppers directed their attention towards me. Before I could flee the scene of the crime an HEB employee came running and shouted, "Don't worry. I got it." I smile, thanked him, and swiftly rolled away.

As I continued to shop, bizarre BOGO sales (Buy One Get One Free) commanded my attention. I wondered aloud, "Who decides what products to feature for BOGO offers? " Actually I said, "Who puts this crap together (hopefully no one heard me talking to myself)?" bout an example to illustrate my point: buy one HEB creamy creations churn style ice cream and receive an HEB dip and bag of kettle chips for free. Okay the chips and dip compliment each other, but the ice cream? How about buy one HEB brand ice cream and receive a bottle of chocolate syrup and whipped topping for free?

Unfortunately tonight, I fell victim to the Combo Loco Deal: buy one rotisserie chicken and receive a box of HEB creamy shells and 1 liter of Dr. Pepper for free. Call me loco for purchasing the processed, sodium and sugar laden combo. They don't call it the Combo Loco for nothing. Why you ask would I commit such a cardinal sin? LACK OF TIME! Writing that stupid introduction to my research proposal sucked up all of my time this weekend. I spent 3 hours in the library Saturday, stayed up until 12:30 AM writing, and spent the majority of today finishing and polishing my intro. Oh...and my Mom and I went shopping. I considered the shopping excursion a treat after the many torturous hours spent reading educational journals.

So my weekend time constraints started my wheels a turning. If I'm worried about time constraints now,what about next month when I return to work, another semester of school, and the Duke boys (yes as in Bo and Luke Duke) return to school as well? One thing is for sure, I NEED A PLAN...A plan that excludes Combo Loco deals. So far my plan consists of the following:
  • Plan a weekly menu (not a habit yet, but working on it)
  • Cook breakfast on Sunday for Monday-Wednesday and then Wednesday cook breakfast for Thursday and Friday
  • Grocery shop on Saturday after WW
  • On Saturday cut up and wash produce (e.g. lettuce) for convenience.
  • On Saturday or Sunday cook 2 or 3 freezer friendly meals for lunch.
  • At night make a to-do list for the following day.
  • Plan meals ahead of time so that I can track ahead of time as well.
  • Plan
  • Plan
  • Plan
  • Plan
  • Workout in the evening???
  • Cooking everyday ain't gonna a sandwich night and/or a TV dinner night
  • I grant my kids 2 eat out days a month if I plan accordingly
  • Keep with our tradition of Brinner...breakfast+dinner=brinner. For some reason breakfast is fun, quick, and easy to cook.

The beginnings of my plan sound great, but easier said than done.


  1. I hate BOGOs, too - unless it's for shoes! LOL! You're right though, why aren't there every BOGOs of buy a bag of lettuce, get a cucumber and tomato free!

    Love your planning goals. Reminds me of a great saying, "If you fail to plan, you plan to fail!" Good luck!

  2. aaahhh....those BOGO's always kill me! I'm still trying to use up the packs of sauasage I bought when they were 10 for $5, and i don't even like sausage!!! Crap, I was suckered into it, I swear!

    I totally am there with you, the lack of time is the worst. BUT...think about this - it would have taken you just as much time and probably the same amount of money for a sandwich from Subway. That's the hard part (for me anyways) is that I'm always not going to have enough time.

    Good job though on reflecting and putting together a plan for this week! You'll do great!

  3. I would of loved a pic of the cakes on the ground! lol TOo funny!

  4. @ Marisa...I agree. Lettuce, tomatoes, and cucumbers makes more sense.

    @ Jen...LOL on the sausage.

    @TJ...I'm going to make sure I have my camera because I was laughing when I knocked the cakes down. The lil HEB dude didn't think it was funny though.


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