Monday, July 20, 2009

Double Barrel Slingshot: Mission Monday!

I dubbed last Monday Make Me Laugh Monday. This Monday...Mission Monday! My mission if I choose to accept it...find a high quality supportive sports bra or double barrel slingshot according to my children. When I think about the many sports bras I purchased in the past, I might as well drive down the street while throwing money out the window.

Since I decided to run the Susan B. Koman 5K in October, the girls NEED support. Anyone with information on where to find a supportive sports bra...PLEASE SHARE! Until then I shall push forth on my quest to find the ultimate double barrel slingshot!


  1. suprisingly, I found some really great support at walmart! AND, they aren't the unaboob type!

  2. Oooh - will be curious to see what you end up with - I need some new support too!

  3. @'re the second person who said Walmart. I will try walmart. LOL on the unaboob.

  4. Trina- I have THE BEST sports bra ever!

    It's made by Champion, and I got it at a Khols....but really this is why i love it.

    -It has an underwire in each cup, so no uniboob.
    -There is 'tight' fabric over each cup that keeps everything in place. I'm not 'mashed' down, but I'm not bouncin' all in stationary biker billy's face either.
    -Make sure you get one with clasps in the back. Dont just get one that slips over your head, the bottom will wear and you'll end up with underboob.

  5. I really like the Shock Absorber brand. You can find them new and inexpensively on ebay. I have D's, and these bras are super supportive!

    And I heard North Face has some great sports bra, but I haven't given them a try.

  6. skinnysweetpea...thanks for the info.

  7. Hope everything is going well! I wanted to let you know that we now have an official Operation Fat Blaster Headquarters!!

    I thought it would be best to have a separate site for our challenge - a one-stop shop that everyone can access and contribute to. It's really going to be as awesome as we make it, and it's open to anyone that wishes to join.

    Please check it out here:

    I'll post a new discussion each Saturday (not Sunday as I previously mentioned - sorry!) with the Special Ops Mission of the Week. Feel free to blog about your mission and progress on your own blog, but come on over to "HQ" to chill out, chat, and have a great time :)

    Hope to see you over there in a bit!


    P.S. VS now has a new sportsbra - I just splurged on one and love it! The real test will be my half-marathon on next week!


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