Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Everybody Dance Now!

Sooooooooo, I watched my favorite show tonight...SYTYCD. I shall make this recap, short, but sweet:

Barandon and Jeanette:
For me, this week, the tide has turned. I actually respect the effort put forth by the dynomite duo. I caught my self shimmying and shaking as I watched Brandon and Jeanette cha cha across the stage. Muy bien!

Kupono and Kayla:
Okay, First let me start by saying, the song Eyes on Fire by Blue Foundation...LOVE IT! Loved that song the first time I heard while watching Twilight. My bias kicked in when I discovered Sonya choreographed this number. I previously mentioned I love Sonya's style, so it was no surprise that this piece commanded my attention. Kupono is slowly starting to grow on me, and he reminds me of Mark from last season.

Evan and Randi:
As a Broadway fanatic, I thoroughly appreciated the couple's Fosse influenced performance. Evan and Randi danced to a number inspired by the musical Sweet Charity. The choreographer, Joey, apeared a tad bit scary and intimidating. I hate to say it, but these two may face the bottom 3 tomorrow. Not because the number failed to rock, but someone has to fall in the bottom 3. Did the compact couple dance their way into safety?

Jason and Caitlin:
Huh???? Okay, as an outside the box thinker...I got it, you know the whole alien impregnating the last man on Earth thing? Did you get it? Later on in the program Mia stated, that a choreographer makes or breaks a couple. Brian Friedman...BROKE Jason and Caitlin. I appreciate Friedman's initiative to choreograph innovative, bizarre , quirky numbers, but in my opinion his ego got in the way of this piece. If Jason and Caitlin find their way into the bottom three, a brick should find its way into Friedman's windshield.

Phillip and Jeanine:
Nappytabs (Napoleon and Tabitha) did again y'all...another bangin' routine! Jeanine held her own with Phillip as the hip-hop duo courageously danced with that chain. I nervously sat on the couch as I watched the chain intertwine between the couple's legs and ankles. Phillip and Jeanine persevered and hit every move (BOOM KACK) with reckless abandonment! Now you didn't think I would write this entire post without adding a BOOM KACK did you (see my previous SYTYCD recap for an explanation)?

Vitolio and Karla:
These two quick stepped their way into my heart. Not a real big fan of Vitolio or Karla; however, I picked up the phone and actually voted for them. From beginning to finish, this routine MADE the couple. Choreographers Jean Marc Genereux succeeded , where Friedman failed. My favorite moment, the quick wardrobe change. Both Vitolio and Karla may dodge the bottom three bullet this time

Ade and Melissa:
I saved the best for last. One word...magnificent! The Romeo and Juliet pas de deux performed by Ade and Melissa actually brought tears to my eyes. For those of you who fail to appreciate dance, this number exemplified why shows like SYTYCD exist, why humanitarians fight to keep arts alive in public shcool... Words cannot explain the beauty of the Romeo and Juliet piece. You either possess the love of dance in your heart or you don't. May God have mercy on your soul if you don't.

My bottom 3 predictions this week:

  • Jason and Caitlin
  • Evan and Randi
  • Maybe Kupono and Kayla ???????????????? bad...not so short and sweet.

Thursday Night Recap
I decided to add the results show recap to this post, rather than start a whole new post.
Well, I was way off base with last nights predictions. I wanted to put Vitolio and Karla in my bottom 3 prediction, but deep down inside I wanted the newly formed couple to stay. So, tonight we bid adieu to Vitolio and Karla:

Shocking moments for me:
  • Cat's dress. Her dress looked like a costume leftover from the movie Flashdance. For just one week, I want Cat to get it right two days in a row. Week after week it's hit or miss with her wardrobe. Tuesday Cat looks fab, and the Wednesday she's a hot mess or Vice versa. Cat needs to fire the SYTYCD stylist and the individual who created Caitlyn's alien costume.
  • Kupono and Kayla in the bottom three. What?!? But like I stated last night, somebody has to fall in the bottom three.
  • Phillip and Jeanine in the bottom three. Come on America. And yes I voted, but to each his own. Different strokes for different folks.
Okay...enough said. Tonight's recap was short and sweet....for real this time.

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