Sunday, July 26, 2009

Damn, Daamn, Daaamn (...remember that Good Times episode)!

Damn, Daamn, Daaamn, described my sentiments exactly at yesterday's weigh in. Well, first let me preface by saying (or writing) I experienced a loss of 1.4, but that's not the point. Once again, ONDERLAND still evades me! Curses, foiled AGAIN! Last week I lost .6 and weighed in at 201.4. So do the math...this week I lost 1.4 and weighed in at 200 ON THE DOT! I wanted to drop kick the scale through the window. I hear you saying, "BUT IT'S A LOSS! YOU LOST!" I know, I know, I know, I know, I know, I know, I know I lost, but my small goal this week....weigh in under 200 pounds.

This week, GAME ON and I already purchased a one-way ticket to ONEDERLAND! O and you best believe that scale WILL show me what I want to see or it will be flying through the WW window followed by a few chairs. GAME ON! So what am going to do different to ensure success:
  • Last week I stopped eating grains (pasta, bread, etc.) with dinner. So, I plan to continue eating protein and veggies for dinner.
  • Up water consumption. I drink the required amounts of water daily. So, I plan to add an additional 2 cups each day. As an example, Sunday drink 10-8oz. glasses, Monday 12-8oz. glasses, Tuesday 14-8oz glasses, etc.
  • Continue Couch to 5K (C25K) by repeating week 2 ON PAVEMENT 3 days this week. On off days, Biggest Loser (BL) Cardio Max and BL Power Sculpt.
Off Topic
So yesterday I re-realized TIMES ARE HARD! What made me come to that realization? A month and a half has lapsed since my last pedicure. Some people receive pedicures as weight loss rewards, not me. Pedicures for me represent bi-monthly me time (not anymore...recession). My pedicure spot rocks and the whole process takes around an hour to complete...yes for a pedicure. Most pedicure places operate on quantity vs. quality, not my spot.

So...yesterday I looked down at my toes, now closely resembling talons and decided things had gone to far.

In addition to the talons, my eyebrows resembled that of:

Yes, Bert from Sesame Street.

I am happy to report that Pro Vogue Nails took care of my talons and monobrow, and I can now rejoin society and roam freely with flip-flops on my feet.

O...since your here, check out Hater-Aid: #1 Drink of Haters.


  1. Awww, so close! This week is your week! ONEDERLAND here you come!

  2. So close but yet so far away...

  3. Oh man - that's so frustrating!!! Well, at least you know next week will be it for sure!
    I'm on the same grooming schedule that you are, lol.

  4. Oh my goodness, I am so glad I found your blog - love your posts! You are ALMOST there. Your action plan sounds great and one-derland will be a reality very soon!

  5. @ Michelle...thanks for stopping by. I know I'm so close I can taste it.

    @ Jenn...LOL. If you can call that schedule. LOL. I'm hoping this week is it!!!! It's been a rough week but I've put in the work.


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