Friday, July 31, 2009

Special Ops. Mission #1: What's standing in my way?

That's right.....ME!
I believe I unintentionally stand in the way of my weight loss success. My weight loss endeavor focuses on learning to change...PERMANENTLY bad behaviors. And throughout this process of change, I tend to get in the way of ME with negative self-talk. When the negative self-talk takes over I ask myself:
"If you talked to your friends the way you talk to yourself, how many friends would you have?"
I recently wrote a post on negative self talk...check it out. In short, one negative thought snowballs into an avalanche of negative thoughts which leads to the bad behavior that landed me here in this predicament. combat those destructive thoughts I do the following:
  1. Look in the mirror.
  2. Smile.
  3. Say something positive.
I devoted a week's worth of post to completing the above mentioned exercise daily. Try it!

I realized two basic choices exist:
  1. I can sit here and whine like a little biyotch about being fat and do nothing (I know that sounds harsh)!
  2. OR I can CHANGE and do something about it.
O yeah...I choose option #2. I CHOOSE TO:
  • generate the power within myself to turn my intentions into reality AND make the CHANGES I want in MY LIFE!

  • Be proactive and not wait for things to happen...MAKE THEM HAPPEN!!!
  • BY THE POWER OF GRAYSKULL, I HAVE THE POWER (Who remembers He-Man and the Masters of the Universe...the origin of this quote?)! I refuse to relinquish my power! No one can make me feel bad about myself unless I give up MY POWER.
For continued success I must continuously determine what I must do MORE of or LESS of or DIFFERENTLY to create a different outcome. I must go now, but I leave you with this:
"CHANGE will NOT occur until the PAIN of staying the way we are exceeds the PAIN OF CHANGE."~Churchill


  1. Awesome post...we all need that reminder to be kind to ourselves, and stay postive!!!

  2. Great post! We all need to realize that WE are in control of this!!! :) I was crackin up at the power outage in the middle of the blog! lol

  3. Loved this honest and open entry..

  4. What a wonderfully positive post! Love it!

    "Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest"

  5. I love the self talk of being positive. I need to do that more.

  6. I would have no friends if I talked to my friends like I talk to myself.

  7. I missed this post!!! This is great I may have to send this to some friends because they sometimes need a swift kick in the ass......thnx

  8. Hooray! I read the He-Man bit! Awesome. Oh yeah, the rest was good too. Ha ha. Just kidding. You have a great point. I talk to myself like a dog!

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