Saturday, July 11, 2009

In honor of my 50th post... 50th post. I tend to start things and unfortunately never finish: losing weight, hobbies, books, starting businesses, etc. I started blogging in February and and I am surprised to see my blogging didn't fall by the wayside. So in honor of my 50th post I present...

50 Reason Why I WILL Remove This Weight...FOR GOOD!
  1. Perform my Beyonce "Crazy in Love" karaoke routine, not missing one booty bounce from start to finish.

  2. Sing or play " That's What You Get" by Paramore on Rock Band with my kids, complete with mosh jumping without sounding like I'm grasping for air.

  3. Stop the buttons on my shirt from screaming, "Unbutton me...the shirt is to TIGHT!"

  4. Jog without warning fellow joggers that I'm coming up from the rear. You know... when you wear those swish swish workout pants and your thighs rub together...your pants make that swish, swish, swish sound.

  5. Go parasailing.

  6. Shop on one side of the store...the misses side. Not plus, not women's, not plus size...just misses.

  7. Run a mile without stopping.

  8. Stop shirts from disappearing in my back fat.

  9. Paint toenails with becoming a contortionist (stomach gets in the way).

  10. Live a healthier life.

  11. Stop feeling like someone is following me. No one is following's just my butt!

  12. Wear shorts without my crotch eating them. You know when your thighs rub together, your shorts magically ride up your legs and disappear, therefore causing you to dig them out. FYI...that ain't cute.

  13. Rub my success in the face of my haters and doubters both past and present. No...I plan not to be the bigger person.

  14. Go hang gliding.

  15. Wear a bathing suit. I cannot recall the last time I wore a bathing suit.

  16. Dance the Michael Jackson's Thriller choreography with my kids EVERY TIME the video airs. And "Beat It" too.


  18. Appear on one of those 1/2 their size magazine covers.
  19. Feel comfortable wearing sleeveless clothing.

  20. Wear timeless clothing pieces I my lil black dress...that no longer fit.

  21. Go whitewater rafting.

  22. Reduce 2 stomachs to 1.

  23. Reveal my new body on Oprah.

  24. Write and publish a This-Is-How-I-Did-It-Y'all book.

  25. Drop it like it's hot without killing my knees.

  26. Run up the 72 steps in Philly like Rocky Balboa...ADRIENNE!
  27. Take a ballet or contemporary dance class.

  28. Look good naked! Anyone ever watched the British version of this show?

  29. STOP shopping at Layne Bryant! One time a sales clerk convinced me to purchase a halter which I only wore once. WHICH brings me to #30.

  30. Wear a halter top without fat spilling over the top and side of the shirt.


  32. Completely wrap a regular bath size towel around my body without body parts playing peek-a-boo.

  33. Bring SEXY BACK!

  34. Stop asking my children to buckle my shoe (the ole stomach gets in the way). That's what kids are for...shoe bucklers.
  35. Run a 5K.

  36. Walk up the stairs without emulating the big bad woof...huffing and puffing.


  38. Find a shallow mate who like me for my H-O-T rocking bod.
  39. Enjoy life more.

  40. More choices of stores when shopping.

  41. Feel more comfortable in my own body.

  42. When I shake my arm and then stop, I want the entire arm to STOP at the same time!

  43. I want to stand with both legs inside one leg of a pair of pants at my highest weight.

  44. Look down and see my entire foot not just my toes (blame it on the st-st-st- the stomach).

  45. Lose the stomach flap. It reminds me of those pop up books you read children. You pull the flap and BAM...surprise!

  46. Be happy!

  47. Lower blood pressure.

  48. Zip my sexy 2 1/2 inch, maybe 3 high heel burnt sienna boots. I tend to struggle with the zipper around my big calf.

  49. I LOVE the feeling of successful when I achieve my mini weight loss goals.

  50. BEFORE and NOW pics.


  1. Hey, I just started reading your blog a few days ago. Congratulations on your progress. I'm all too familiar with a lot of the setbacks on your list. Darn gets in the way of everything! Oh, almost forgot...I LOVE the title of your blog :)
    Now if I can only get that song outta my head....

  2. Great list!

    P.S. Your already doing #37 just by attempting! To the person who is still struggling to get off the couch, YOU are inspiring!

  3. LOL @ #4!!!

    Yeah, #29 is a great feeling. I love that I can walk on by now!

  4. Great list! You can do it all, you just have to believe!

  5. Great list! Happy 50 posts!!! :)

  6. Great list - I can totally relate! Fighting the good fight with you...

  7. @ Priscilla...the stomach is such a Debbie Downer. It gets in the way of everything and always brings me down. I plan to really target my stomach in the coming days.

    Jen @ prior fat girl...thanks for the encoraging words. All of you who blog are just as encouraging as well. My mom saw your before and after pics and was wowed!

    @ Marisa...I can almost check #29 off my list. I can no longer wear the tops and shirts. Once I get my bottom half in control I'll be more Lane Bryant. Sometimes I feel uncomfortable just carrying the bag around the mall.

    @Jenn...I BELIEVE!


    @ HD@Losing Weight...
    I'm going to keep on fighting the good fight until the day I die.

  8. GREAT list! I just started reading the Beck Diet Solution and the first step in the process is creating your list of WHY you are doing this. Keep it up!

  9. @seattlerunnergirl...thanks for the tip. I will check that out. I'm always looking to learn.

  10. You are inspiring for sure. 27 pounds!!! I am so proud of you! Lets do the 5k together to help fight breast cancer and to loose some fat in the process!!

  11. Thanks Kimmy...that means a lot coming from you!!!!!!!!1 I'm down for the 5K. It's on like Donkey Kong!

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