Thursday, July 2, 2009

How did I get here?

This pic was taken in February of 2008.

This picture was taken May 31, 2009 at the NoDoubt concert.

What a difference 25 pounds make! My signature pose...
hand on the hip and let the backbone slip.

While putting together a photo montage on the One True Media website, I ran across some pictures of myself self taken throughout 2008 and 2009. As I browsed through my memories, a thought occurred to me, what happened?

Fellow bloggers and blogees, do you ever wonder..."How did I get here?" Here meaning, this weight loss tug-o-war, this battle of the budge. Do you wonder how you became a statistics? Me, I wonder no more. I know. I KNOW what bad choices earned my seat on the chunky butt train:
  • I am HERE because...I took the suggested serving size as just that...a suggestion. I no longer negotiate the suggested serving size listed on products. Now, I measure everything, and when I can't measure, I eye my food. Did you know the palm of your hand is equivalent to 3 oz of chicken breast?
  • I am HERE because...The gentleman that answers the phone at the Chinese takeout knows my name and what I order before I finish telling him (Call Me Miranda. Remember that episode of Sex and the City?). When I walk through the door he tells the same joke, "Hey Trina! You like your food like your men...huh? SPICY!" I laugh, pay and leave.
  • I am HERE because...I could write all day as to why I am HERE. BUT...
Do you know why you are HERE?


  1. Yeah, I can relate to those! Especially the "serving size as a suggestion"!

    You're on the right track, though, so I tend to not want to look at the "how" and focus on moving forward with all of the new information and tools you have to get you to your "new" destination!

  2. 25 pounds really does make a difference! You look great! :) I love the Sex episode! lol


  3. @ Marisa...yes, I am definitely on the right track this time and I want to stay on track. What's that old adage...You're doomed to repeat the past if you don't review your history. For me it's important to know how I got here because I'm not going back :-)

    @ TJ...Thanks! I love love love love Sex and the City.

  4. Wow, I can see a great difference! Isn't it amazing to see how much you have physically changed?

    And the changes in habit are even more astounding! I also measure everything that I can, and now it is just the way it goes and no longer a huge chore.

    And I know how I got here. I just need to take it day by day to make sure that I don't return there again. :)

  5. You are looking great! I am only about 2 lbs away from hitting 25 lbs.

    I know why I'm here.

    I am here because I finally found a doctor who listened to me and found my hypothyroidism.

    I am here because I never ate fruits & veggies, and ate a lot of carbs. I also didn't know how big portions should be.

    I am here because I used food to comfort myself, and it's been a stressful couple years.

    I'm so happy for you!

  6. @ mommie2lea...I totally agree that you have to take it day by day. I have to remind steps. I didn't get HERE overnight, so I shouldn't expect this weight thing to be resolved overnight. I just get some frustrated because I'm all about instant gratification and with this the results take time.

    And YES, I AM amazed at my body's changes. When I compared those pictures I was like WOW and a little disgusted with myself. I know one thing I don't want to go back to that person in that pic so I'm going to move forward and take it one day at a time.

  7. @ Rachel...Thanks and I still have a LONG road ahead of me.

    I sometimes use food as a comfort too, but now I'm starting to recognize when I turn to food. Instead of grabbing the sweets, I try to manage my feelings in another way, namely blogging.

    Good luck with your weight loss and I hope you hit your 25 soon!

  8. I can totally relate. I know why even though I like 2 act like its a big surprise.

    I am here because I enjoy super sizing.

    I am here because I use food to clm my nerves.

    How do I get outta here....?

  9. LOL!! I'm with you about the suggested serving size. I thought I had a better idea ;)

    came by from SITs

  10. @ Stormy...I'm still working on the how do I get outta here part. Haven't quite figured it out yet. I'm a work in progress.

    @ A. spence...LOL. Yeah I learned the hard way it's more than a suggestion. They should call it..."Do not eat more than this or you will be fat."

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