Thursday, June 3, 2010


1 MORE DAY UNTIL SUMMER STAYCATION!! I teach, so I usually spend the last few days of school closing out the year and packing up my classroom. Packing up means storing all equipment and materials and pushing the big ticket items to one side of the room. 
 (pics from last year)

Tonight, I utilized my blogging time to complete forms as well as other paperwork. I just wanted to check in and thank those of you who participated in TOOT TOOT Tuesday. I tried to respond to all comments before my Blackberry malfunctioned and erased all unsaved emails. I plan to resume a regular posting schedule on Monday. Why Monday you ask:
  • Thursday: complete remaining paperwork
  • Saturday: WW Meeting, Kid's Rehearsal, Graduation Party
  • Sunday: Weight Watchers 5K Walk
  • Monday: Shopping with Mom and God Mother
Phew...just writing down all of those events and festivities made me tired. Until then, I bid you adieu...

Any teachers out there...When is your last day? To all bloggers, tell me about your plans for the summer.


  1. Cheers to the end of your school year!
    We are in class until the 25th of June... it is coming quickly but at the same time feels very far off.
    We are going to Victoria B.C. the day after school is finished for a week and then we rented a cottage on the east coast of Canada for the first 2 weeks in August.
    I love travelling!

  2. Yeeeeeeeeeeeeahhhhhhhhhhhh boyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Oh, Me and Sean are going to New Braunfels for Schlitterbaun this Saturday to kick off the summer. Then I will work out like a fool because next Wed is the Jill Scott/Maxwell concert; then next Sunday is the Erykah Badu concert.

    Then I am trying to lose 10 lbs by July 7th because we are going to Virginia/Washington DC for a week. I want to get a new bathing suit so I can frolic on Virginia beach and 10 more lbs will make that happen!

    Oh and I will keep looking for a job the whole summer!

  4. I wish I was a teacher right about now! I really could use the time off! Enjoy it!!!

  5. No vacay's here. But oldest is going to girls camp with the church June 14-18 and then the following week she will attend Drama Camp. She has no clue about that one. Should be a fun one. Last day of school is June 11th. I am so over school.

  6. Lucky you!! Enjoy your summer, wish it was me! :-)

  7. Enjoy your summer! My last day with the kids was yesterday. Today teachers came in at 7:30 and endured a 6 hour training class. This is all while moving classrooms. But it's done and summer is on!

  8. We have 8 more days of school (until June 16). Enjoy your summer!

  9. Yippeee for your summer break! :) Enjoy the weekend see ya back next week for bloggin! :)


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