Friday, June 11, 2010


Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, my second year as a Special Education teacher finally came to a close...and not soon enough.
 I enjoy my job, coworkers, and the school, but I needed a break! I knew I needed a break when...
  • I knew I needed a break when...I  descended down the stairs one morning dressed for work and my kids asked, " Are you going to work today?" I took that as ...DANG, you look like crap today Mom. As the end of the year neared my clothes got bigger and bigger. So, most of the time I went to work wearing my baggy old big girl clothes.
  • I knew I needed a break when...most of my morning ritual, such as eating breakfast and moisturizing my face started to occur in the car (not while driving of course). One morning I moisturized my face before rolling through the as usual. When I reached the next red light I pulled the visor down to shield my eyes from the sun. I happened to glance at my reflection in the mirror and noticed a huge glob of lotion on my face. The toll lady said nothing!
  • I knew I needed a break took 3 alarms to wake me up in the morning: my alarm clock, my cell phone, and an iTouch alarm clock app. Every time each  alarm sounded I hit the snooze button. For next year I might purchase Clocky, an alarm clock my Mom told me about. Check out Clocky...for the morning impaired!

    So now that staycation what? What's the plan Stan? *blank stare...crickets chirping*  After much consideration, I plan to use the summer as a jumping off point for getting back and staying on track. So first things first I think I need to make some summer goals:

    • Cook 80% of my meals and try at least 3 new recipes each week. I found several new recipes I want to try in one of my favorite cookbooks.
     You can find some of the recipes in the book online. One of my favorites...Stuffed French Toast Sundaes. Next time I make these I might use yogurt instead of ricotta cheese. Want the here.
    • Another summer food goal, incorporate a fruit and veggie with every meal.
    • I want to exercise everyday, but realistically 30 minutes of something daily will suffice.
    • Continue to train for my next 5K by running @ least 3 days a week.
    • Weight train @ least 2 days weekly
    Okay, I just spent the last 30 minutes fighting & yelling at the AT&T troubleshooting computer. I loathe talking to computers. Can I speak to a real person please? For whatever reason my Internet keeps malfunctioning, AND I lost part of this post. So with that being said...well written, I am wrapping up this bad boy. Okay, so back to the post...

    I decided to set only a few goals; whereas, too many goals overwhelm me. BUT, first things first I need  must plan a weekly menu to serve as my guide. I find in life, I need guidance or disaster follows. After menu shopping. I found some great deals in the sales paper this week: cherries $1.88, strawberries $1.38,  and peaches $.87. Once again, why is there no cents key on the keyboard? 

    Anyway, HELLO SUMMA STAYCATION...I am so  looking forward to spending more time cooking and in the gym...not really.

    What is your favorite summer recipe?


      1. I am right there with ya! Summer is here! HOLLA! We can do this! We can.

      2. Yippeee for the end of the school year! You totally reminded me to look at that cookbook again. I used to like that show- cuz you could see how things were made and then I had the recipes in the book. I am a visual peep- I need pics! lol

      3. Hmmm ... I wonder what's up. Prob just a coincidence but I'm an AT&T customer and my internet has been jank for two days.

        And seriously? LOVE CLOCKY! Must have one! =)

        Welcome, summer staycation! Hope you have a great one. Good luck with those goals!

      4. I know that I am ready for vacation when even on the really sunny days I wake up tired. :(
        I am spending my holiday travelling... east coast, west coast and some inbetween... and maybe Vegas just for fun!

        Fav summer recipes are my mom's macaroni salad and any kind of meat off of the bbq. Yummy Summer Food!

      5. I just pull out two cookbooks from the back shelf to see if there's anything super new in them. I am suppose to be making a new recipe each week, so far...well not terrible but not perfect either.
        Good luck on your journy. It's not easy but oh so worth it. I have a long ways to go but am working at it.
        Take care my dear and have a great evening. God Bless!!


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