Tuesday, June 1, 2010

TOOT TOOT Tuesday!

WELCOME...to my second installment of "TOOT TOOT TUESDAY" created by me, Me So Hongry! I developed TOOT TOOT TUESDAY as a means for others to toot their own horn! So, take this opportunity to boast your most recent weight loss triumphs. Or help others by leaving nuggets of wisdom that work for you!

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Okay, so TOOT TOOT TUESDAY works like this:
  1. Leave a comment tooting your own horn or share some weight loss or exercise tips that may benefit other blog readers.

  2. Link up below so others can follow your thumbnail to your fabulous blog!

  3. Return to your blog and spread the word about toot toot Tuesday by writing a post and linking it back to my blog. Be sure to grab the code below to let you readers know you toot! If you prefer, you can also copy&paste the image below instead of grabbing the code.

    Okay link-up time:

    Thanks for participating and GET YA TOOT ON!


    1. I wore a new outfit over the weekend- felt great about how I looked and the skirt was a FIRST for me- SIZE 8!!!! TOOT TOOT! lol :)

    2. TOOT TOOT...busted out 30 pushups on Saturday and ate 100% raw and healthy on Memorial Day!

    3. Okay, I have lost 10 solid pounds so far and I am really good at packing my lunch.

      I have even gotten to the point where I like eating Yellow grape tomatoes for snacks!

      I have managed to lose atleast a pound per week without excercising (I'm not endorsing that...I was just lazy) but it was due to tracking my food and eating in moderation.

    4. I can now run for 2 mins without giving out, AND I can now do more than 5 pushups in one sitting (I'm up to 6-10)! Toot Toot! This may not be big to some but it is a great accomplishment for me.

    5. I've been getting enough sleep. Which is a big deal...for me.

    6. Oops, I am 7 and 8... sorry :)
      My tip is to add protein to every snack and meal. Once I began adding more protein to my diet I ate less and felt satisfied.

    7. Welcome back to blogland homie! I'm toot tooting for YOU! Congrats on your first 5k!

    8. Nice to see you blogging again! Missed you girl!

      Come over to my blog, I have something for you :)

      My toot is that I have maintained my weight during my finals and vacation!

    9. I finished my 2nd week of C25K! On to week 3! :) My tip for WL is to journal what you eat. If you're an emotional eater like me, journal how you feel too.

    10. I tried on a Large sized shirt, instead of XLarge. It looked so nice on me. I was excited.

      I will have to hook up with toot toot Tuesday's with my other blog...it will force me to keep it updated! :p

    11. Unfortunately it's Weds now...will be on time next week.

      For this week - lost 3 pounds over the holiday weekend!!!

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