Friday, June 25, 2010

REMEMBER THE TIME...karaoke party!

I originally planned to repost my MJ Tribute from last year, but as I scanned my old post, I realized I never shared my cousin's MJ Karaoke Party photos with you. And on the anniversary of MJ's death and my youngest's 13th birthday...what better time to share! Last year on MJ's birthday, my fabulous cousin Vanessa planned a most entertaining birthday celebration with the works! She even made glove invitations complete with BLING! Meet Vanessa:
My boys and I arrived at the party and the paparazzi caught me off guard with a barrage of camera flashes!
Me, Mimi (Mom) & the Duke Boys 

My cousin Raquel created her on MJ Glitter Glove...SHAMON!

Before the festivities started we filled our bellies with scrumptious eats and treats. 

My munchies...this and...

MJ Glove Cookies & CAKE!

So, after we noshed on some grub all performers picked a MJ song from the set list to perform.
The party hostess asked performers to grab a pass and report backstage to prepare for the show:

 Check out the backstage antics...

And what's a party without DOOR PRIZES!!! 
Look what I WON!

Some of my favorite highlights include:
  • the soul train line
  • my rendition of Dancing Machine complete with poppin' & lockin! Unfortunately, I captured the performance on my Blackberry and  not my camera. 
  • my boys performed as "special guest"
  • winning a prize for my karaoke performance...priceless!
Did I mention Vanessa supports the arts and paid my boys to share their talent!
 Raquel serenading her husband lying at the foot of the stage...YES A STAGE! VANESSA CREATED A STAGE...HOW COOL IS THAT?!!

My camera died, so I failed to capture the hilarity and hi-jinks of that night on video! Vanessa throws the best parties and I look forward to the next party (hint...hint). This one time she threw a party and projected MJ's videos ON THE WALL! YES...ON THE WALL! 

Well...RIP MJ and I leave you with my fav MJ videos! 


  1. I can not believe it has been a year. My mom had a very brief encounter with MJ. One of his security people was taken to the hospital she worked at. She saw him, he waved and that was it.

    I love the treats. Too cool. My favorite performance is a toss up between Billie Jean Live and Thriller.e

  2. LOVE IT! I don't know where to begin. The cake wasfab, the cookies were cute. What an ingenius idea! My favorite song is PYT and man in the Mirror, my favotite videos are Remember the Time, Black or White and Thiller.

    MJ R.I.P You will FOREVER be the King!

  3. What an awesome party! Those hand cookies are awesome, I think I would have probably broke all the fingers off trying to get them off the pan :)

  4. That looks like so much fun, I wish I was in your family!

    Returning your visit from SITS! :)

  5. LOL Loving the cake and cookies! Too cute!!

  6. OMG so fun! I wanna go to that! What an awesome party...totally jealous, for the record. Great tribute to the greatest performer of our time, and probably ALL times! Love it :)

  7. Yup, new layout on the way, I won it in a contest, it is not totally finished yet. I am really pleased with how it turned out.

  8. Your blog is awesome. I've been cracking up at your MJ party...looks like a lot of fun!!

    Just wanted to tell you that you have a new follower. I'm on my own weight loss journey and have lost 94 pounds so far :)


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