Monday, June 28, 2010

Change of ad(DRESS) & Ceremonial Shreddring

The post title contains a two-fold meaning: change of ADDRESS indicating I plan to move, AND change of a DRESS. Wait until you see the fabulous summer ensembles I threw together!

Yes...MOVE! I originally planned to move closer to end of next month but, the leasing agent offered me a smashing deal to move in on the 3rd of July. Saturday! 

So needless to say I spent the entire weekend packing, throwing crap away and shredding. I got 2 words for you people....GO PAPERLESS! I shredded my brains out today. I receive most of my bills via email, but as I packed my belongings I ran across 3 baskets full of OLD mail. GO PAPERLESS!

As I thumbed through the old correspondence I stumbled upon my Layne Bryant credit card, which I never used. One day I ran into Layne Bryant in need of a pair of jeans, and the sales associate offered a discount with credit card approval. After I purchase the jeans the card never saw the light of day.

Well my friends I decided to hold a special ceremony today...a Layne Bryant Credit Card Shredding Ceremony!

Just Listen...I apologize for the video appearing so dark (ummm...I assure you that the  fart sound after shredding the 1st card came from the shredder and not me)

After shredding I packed up all of my former BIG GIRL clothes. The end result...4 garbage bags busting at the seams. Time to give back, so GOODWILL here I come! 4 bags of clothes makes me wonder what in the world  will I wear when I return to work in August. 

I barely put a dent into my packing, so I think for the next few days I may post some of my favorite past post. on to my change of a DRESS. I refuse to spend THIS summer covered up. In the past, I always wore jeans or capris and a big shirt over another shirt to cover my stomach. And the downside from wearing jeans and 50 shirts during a scorching HOUSTON summer... embarrassing unsightly excessive sweating.  

THIS summer I refuse to hide behind  my clothes. I took myself on a mini shopping spree at Ross Dress for Less. In all honestly I loathe Ross for the simple fact it remind me of a garage sale. BUT imagine my surprise when I started perusing the dress rack and found some jazzy garments! Take a look:

$8.99...YES $8.99...BINGO!

For those of you who missed this dress on a previous post...
And favorite summer get up:
I purchased this skirt about 5 years ago during one of my many WW stints. After I gained weight, I held on to the skirt. Not only can I wear the skirt now, I need to take it to the alteration shop for a little nip/tuck.  I found the shirt at Kohl's. Like Ross, I loathe Kohl's. I just happened to be in the neighborhood, popped in, and spied this t-shirt.  

Wait until you see my black dress and the little cute number I found at Marshall's. 

You know what...back in the day I rarely looked forward to shopping. And NOW, a few pounds lighter, shopping excites and exhilarates me...sometimes. Sometimes meaning the times when other people spend their money on me:-) 


  1. how freakin cute are you?!
    Sassy and HOT.

    nonono need to hide anything.


    Have a great week!


  2. You look beautiful! I love that last outfit. Your green accessories make it pop! Tres fab!

  3. You look awesome Trina!!!!! And I feel you about Ross and Kohl's...I have to take a sedative if I go in there!

  4. I love the outfits! You look great in them. Yeah, I'm the same way with Ross and Kohl's, but every now and then, I can find something. You got a great deal! Oh and the video of the shredding was too funny, LOL!

    Congrats and Good luck on your move. One good thing about moving is the fact that you get rid of a lot of junk. I was so glad to get rid of things that I had been holding on to for years. I made the ladies day at Goodwill, LOL!

  5. your outfits are HOT, and you look hot in them :) Congrats!

  6. You look absolutely beautiful! I love all the outfits you got and they all look fabulous on you! Congrats on getting rid of all the "big girl" clothes - that is quite the milestone. I won't lie, packing and moving suck, but try to get through them with your sanity and sense of humor still in tact :) Good luck!

  7. You look great! And those dresses...too cute!

  8. You look fabulous Trina. Just gorgeous. Love the dresses! I did a little shopping myself this weekend and found some great finds at TJMax. Thanks for checkin in on me. I'm doing ok. In the process of thinking some things through before I make some big decisions but everythign will work out. Good luck on the move and congrats on the deals!

  9. The summer outfits look great! I love the colors so much. The dresses are my favorite. Keep up the great work!

  10. Don't you look yummy! Seriously, you look fantastic.

  11. You look awesome! Great finds!

  12. I loved the ceremonial shredding (although I couldn't actually listen where I was viewing the video I understood the significance) and congratulations!!!

    Those outfits look amazing. Formerly I was always a TJMaxx girl but recently I've realized how much cheaper Ross is. And while I can't tolerate those types of stores very often either...the deals are too good to give up shopping there altogether!

  13. OH MY GOD!!! YOU LOOK SO FREAKING CUTE!!! I LVOE LOVE LOVE ALL OF THE OUTFITS!! Oh and yes I was SHOUTING! lol :) YOU Are so beautiful in all of them!!! I love that blue dress but I have no boobies- Id need a tank top under that which makes it less cute and then I feel

    WHOOHOOOOO!!! I love these pics!

  14. Love those dresses and the price tags.

  15. Um, you are too cute for words! Those outfits are fabulous! I need you to go shopping with me. :)

  16. WOW!! you look great. I think your determination should packaged and sold in stores. You are an inspiration. I was really tickled to hear your voice on the video. Take care and keep up the good work. When I grow up, I want to be like you.
    God Bless You


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