Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Memorable Memorial Munchies

Okay, Monday I logged on to Blogger with the intentions of publishing this post and catching up on reading blogs, and to my chagrin...NO BLOGGER due to some system malfunction. So without further adieu, I present my Memorial Day post...yes Memorial Day. I need to catch up on blogging. 

I started my Memorial Day weekend festivities with a trip to my weekly weigh in and Weight Watchers meeting. You caught me...I confess. I missed two consecutive weigh ins and meetings due to a lack of motivation. Yes, I continue to struggle on my journey, but I refuse to give up!

I refuse to set another foot in Layne Bryant. Speaking of Layne, a couple of months ago I received a Layne Bryant catalog in the mail. I grabbed the catalog and slam dunked that bad boy into the trash can! Oops, I digressed a bit when I thought about Layne Bryant. I refuse to trade in my new "runner" status for my old sedentary lifestyle. So...onward despite the "bumps" in this proverbial road we call life.

O, my weigh in results...1.4 lbs removed. The digital devil decided to grant me mercy despite my wicked ways. I decided to take the 1.4 and run. I plan to use the momentum from my  last weigh in to propel myself back on track.

After my weigh the Duke Boys and I got gussied up and rolled on over to MiMi's for some Memorial Day eats and treats. Since I weigh in on Saturdays at 12:00 PM, I eat super duper light. By the time we arrived at Mimi's, the word hongry failed to describe the rumbling in my tummy.

I started with some fruit from the melon bowl.
Next, I set my meal off with one of Mimi's Mouthwatering Sensational Salads topped with blackberries:
Mimi christened her new grill by creating the most delectable delights.  For the main course I devoured a  plate of  asparagus, pineapple, chicken, zucchini, etc:
To round out my fabulous meal I served myself a slice of waistline friendly Sassy Strawberry Pie:
Low-fat Cookie Crust found in the baking section of the grocery store.
1 C Cool Whip
1 Box of FF Cream Cheese Pudding
Top with fresh strawberries and BAM...Sassy Strawberry Pie!

For future reference, should you receive an invite to my Mom's for dinner be prepared to take home leftovers.  If you fail to plan, you plan to fail, so I went to the $ Store and purchased these TO-GO containers the day before.
My TO-GO eats and treats:
The following week, my TO-GO goodies helped me stay on track. With a busy end-of-the-school-year looming, not much time remained for cooking, so I used my Memorial munchies to create the following meals:

grilled chicken (3 pts) + Mimi's sensational salad (0 pts) = SATISFACTION
2 oz Tony Chachere's Chicken Sausage (2pts), hot dog bun (3 pts...way too may pts for a bun.), cherries (1pt), BBQ sauce (0 pts)

What are your favorite grilled fruits and/or veggies? What's your favorite grilled entree? Mine...kabobs!


  1. Great job with the eats! I love to go boxes from my mom & dads house! Wtg on the loss! You rock my friend! :)

  2. My goodness that food looks delicious! Grilled corn on the cob- cajun style makes me drool like Homer Simpson. Congrats on the loss. =)

  3. I really love grilled pineapple! I can never seem to make it as good myself as the kind they have at those Brazilian rotisserie restaurants I've been to. I think because my grill is too small and not fiery enough :P Try it sometimes if you never have!

  4. I loved grilled asparagus, pineapple and turkey burgers... hmm that sounds like a future dinner!

  5. Your food looks awesome! Congrats on the weigh in. :)

  6. What a grand idea to bring your own to go boxes to moms. I think I will start doing this with my mom.

    I love steak. Summer makes me very happy because it means steak.

    Corn on the cob. And what a cheap eat!

    Watermelon, cantaloupe and strawberries. YUM! Love summer fruits!

  7. YEAH!Excellent job on the loss! The food looks delicious!

  8. I have been having a very very hard time staying motivated! I started over once again this week (after having a nasty stomach virus over the weekend) I thought an empty stomach would be the best place to start! Good luck and keep going!!

  9. Ok, will your mom adopt me? LOL. That food look so delicious and the best part, it's healthy! My mom can burn too, but unfortunately it's not healthy. It's good old southern style cooking, LOL. You gave me some great healthy ideas for lunch, thanks! Oh and congrats on the 1.4 lbs down. WooHoo!!


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