Tuesday, June 29, 2010

TOOT TOOT Tuesday: LOOK what I got!

WELCOME...to  "TOOT TOOT TUESDAY" created by me, Me So Hongry! I developed TOOT TOOT TUESDAY as a means for others to toot their own horn! So, take this opportunity to boast your most recent weight loss triumphs. Or help others by leaving nuggets of wisdom that work for you!

Last Saturday's weigh in revealed a gain of 1.2...OUCH! BUT, receiving this little trinket at the meeting made up for the gain
Weight Watchers members earned this charm for completing a 5K on their own or participating in the WW Walk It Challenge on June 6th. And as you all know, yours truly completed both challenges. I know. I know. I owe you a part two 5K post.

Okay, so TOOT TOOT TUESDAY works like this:

  1. Leave a comment tooting your own horn or share some weight loss or exercise tips that may benefit other blog readers.

  2. Link up below so others can follow your thumbnail to your fabulous blog!

  3. Return to your blog and spread the word about toot toot Tuesday by writing a post and linking it back to my blog. Be sure to grab the code below to let you readers know you toot! If you prefer, you can also copy&paste the image below instead of grabbing the code.

Get tooting Y'ALL & link up!


  1. I lost 1.5lbs last week, Toot! Toot!!, LOL

  2. That was cool of them to give you that. Let me see what I can toot about..hmmmmmm

  3. I love this idea - TOOT TOOT! I ran for 5 minutes straight last night on the treadmill - huge milestone for me!!!

  4. I love this! Um...I ran for 3 minutes straight yesterday which I have NEVER done before! Toot toot!

  5. 5K!? You are so awesome!

    TOOT: I reached my 10% today! Woot!

  6. Toot Toot.....I got my pushups in everyday this week (so far). :-)

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